Chantal Cookware Reviews

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This piece is a complete review of one of the most popular Chantal Cookware sets, the 9-piece induction set .

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I have high standards for performance, durability, and convenience of care in my cookware. I seek high-quality, resilient materials that distribute heat evenly and promptly. And it’s always a nice bonus if I can run my pots and pans through the dishwasher. 

I found this nine-piece set attractive from the outside, but it has some minor flaws that may deter you from buying it. I love the range of pots and pans that come with the set and the lack of harmful materials in the metal. But the products aren’t the most resilient, suffering dents and dings if you aren’t careful. 

Keep reading to find out if this nine-piece Chantal cookware set is worth the money. 

Chantal Cookware Brand

The Chantal story began in 1971 when a German-born engineer Helda Thurlow graduated as the only female in her class. After moving to Texas, she tried applying for a job in the oil industry but quickly discovered no one wanted to hire a female engineer. Instead, she decided to focus on her love of cooking and started a kitchenware company. Helda named it after herself, Lehnert. Her first creations were pottery dishes and clay bakers. 

In 1979 Helda introduced a new line of German-made enameled cookware under the brand name Chantal by Lentrade, Inc. This line came in a vibrant shade of cobalt blue. Helda’s company was put on the map when she attracted the eye of the creator of Williams-Sonoma at an International Housewares Show in Chicago.

The beginning of her rise to the top was the introduction of her first stovetop teakettle. The teakettle featured a Hohner Harmonica whistle that hit the notes E flat and E as the water came to a boil. She also implemented many vibrant, bright hues to her cookware, helping her brand rise to fame and kickstarting a new trend. 

The Chantal cookware brand manufactures all of its products in Germany, using the same tools and expertise as they did 40 years ago. 

Product Overview 

The nine-piece set comes with everything you need for basic recipes like pastas, chili, soups, and more. For the standard home cook, this is almost everything you need to be successful in the kitchen. 

While the design of the pots and pans is exceptional, they aren’t the most durable products considering the hefty price. The design keeps health and safety in mind but neglects to account for sturdiness. But if you treat them with care, they will work marvelously and last years. 

Features of chantal cookware


The Chantal Cookware set I’m reviewing today is a nine-piece set with several components. The cookware set comes with:

  • 2-quart saucepan with glass lid
  • 8-quart stockpot with glass lid 
  • 3.5-quart saucepan with glass lid
  • 5-quart sauteuse with glass lid
  • 10-inch fry pan
Chantal Induction 21 Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set

Japanese Stainless Steel

The cookware is a combination of steel, copper, and titanium. These three metals meld together to conduct heat quickly and evenly. The pans get hot fast, which is excellent, however, stainless steel can be a beast if you’re not used to it. 

The thin combination of metals conducts heat quickly but is also susceptible to dings and damage. Unsightly spots can also appear on the pots and pans if you add food before the pan is properly heated. The design also separates the handles from the base so the handles stay cool and you can avoid burns.

Tempered Glass Lid

The tempered glass lid is my favorite part of the Chantal cookware set because it effectively stops liquids from boiling over and making a mess of my stove. Sometimes the lid makes a funny noise when I boil water, but you get used to it. 

The tempered glass design practically guarantees the lids won’t crack or shatter under immense weight. However, the steel sides of the lids can dent easily, ruining the seal when you place the lid on the pot. 

Nickel and Teflon-free

Teflon and its active component, PTFE, are probably safe to use if used correctly. But it’s always a better choice if cookware is Teflon and PTFE-free.

On the other hand, nickel doesn’t cause a problem for most people. Yet some people are allergic to nickel, others are sensitive to it. When you cook with it, it can slightly contaminate your food, causing an allergic reaction in some people. 

That’s why it’s great that this Chantal cookware set is nickel and PTFE free.

Dishwasher Safe

I always recommend handwashing your pots, pans, and quality knives to keep them in the best shape. But sometimes, the dishes pile up, and it can take a load off your plate if you can toss them in your dishwasher. The Chantal Cookware set can safely go in your dishwasher and come out sparkling clean on the other side with no damage!

Other Chantal Cookware

If you’re interested in Chantal cookware but feel the nine-piece set is too much for you, check out these other Chantal products. 

Induction Three-piece Fry Set

A simple and cheaper set by Chantal may also be up your alley. This 3 piece fry set is perfect for those who want a few pans instead of the whole range of cookware items. Made from the same Japanese steel as the other cookware set these pans will cook with the same high performance. 

This set also features a ceramic non-stick coating that is healthier to use than standard petroleum-based non-sticks. This one, unfortunately, isn’t dishwasher safe, so can only be hand washed. 

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Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Chantal 3.Clad Tri-Ply 10 inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan, Polished Stainless Steel

If you don’t want to bother with a whole set or a three-piece set, this 10-inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan by Chantal might be for you. This pan also uses stay-cool handles and stainless steel material and will have the same efficiency as the products mentioned above. This pan is a much more affordable option if you don’t need a full set. 

Chantal Cookware Review: Conclusion

Chantal is a reliable brand with countless sets and products available. If you treat your cookware with care and prioritize health in your food, Chantal products can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen.