Welcome to Clan Kitchen

My name is Beatriz Garcia, I’m a mum and a housewife and I love my family more than anything.  I want to cook them healthy meals they enjoy, and I want to do it quickly!

Ever since becoming a mum I’ve found out how hard it is to find the time to do everything I need to!  Children (and a husband) simply eat my time – but then when they want to eat food what’s left to do?

To begin with I simply soldiered on, but I realised as I went that there were things I could do to make my life easier.  I’ve never been a cook or a chef but I make it my mission now to provide my family quality food they enjoy, and to do it quickly!  I can’t do it for every meal obviously – there’s nothing wrong in sticking some fish fingers in the oven and boiling some peas, but I try as much as I can.

My Mission On This Site Is To Give You The Tools To Help You  Cook Tasty, Healthy Food, Easily.

Why Clan Kitchen?

Clan comes from Family and really refers to the Kitchen being the centre of the family.  It’s not just where you cook, but is often where you eat meals (or right next to where you eat meals).  It’s where you keep your children entertained as you try to prepare them some delicious food!
Beatriz Chopping Beetroot
Clan Kitchen spends a lot of time on the tools you need to cook well.  Which Pots and Pans you use can make a difference to the speed of your cooking, and perhaps to how healthy it is.  Some people even claim that cookware can affect the taste!

The Team

Beatriz Garcia – Editor

Beatriz looking at camera next to a Ninja Air Fryer

That’s me! I’ve already talked about myself but just to emphasize, my aim is to make healthy food my children want to eat, in the little spare time I have. What I hope to do with this website is share that experience with you.

Kelly Epperson

Kelly Epperson

Kelly is a freelance writer and contributor to ClanKitchen. She is passionate about eating good food, cooking delicious meals, and using the best cookware. When she’s not in the kitchen, you can find her spending time with family, reading, or planning her next trip.  

What’s In it For You?

The main reason for reading Clan Kitchen is if you want to make your food healthier, tastier and do it more easily.

If you resonate with the following statements, you will enjoy the content you find on this site:

  • You want your family to enjoy their meals.
  • You are concerned that at least most of the time they should eat healthily
  • You want to know what the right tools are for cooking.
  • You like to have things as easy as possible, be it the preparation, cooking or washing up afterwards.