Oval vs Round Dutch Oven: Which Do You Need?

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Today we are comparing the Le Creuset Oval vs Round Dutch Oven.

I’m a big fan of the versatility and high quality of Dutch Ovens and the meals you can prepare with them. They are useful tools and come in a range of stylish colors.

It’s essential to have cookware that’s long-lasting without any material toxins. I’ve found Le Creuset to have long upheld those standards, something reflected by its many loyal customers. 

Le Creuset Dutch Ovens are a high-quality, durable type of cookware that you can use creatively in your kitchen.

But which do you need? Oval or round?

At a Glance

Round vs Oval Dutch ovens is not a winner takes all debate since they both have their uses. The two Le Creuset options I will discuss are high-quality cast iron cookware with a smooth enamel finish built to last and give an even cooking experience.

The one downside with Le Creuset is that it is pricey, if you are looking for a more affordable Dutch oven, check out my Tramontina review.

Oval Dutch Ovens, like the Signature Oval Dutch Oven from Le Creuset, tend to be shallower than the round-shaped ones. These are fantastic for baking casseroles, veggies, or an entire chicken or turkey. 

Round Dutch Ovens, like the Signature Round Dutch Oven from Le Creuset, are ideal for cooking on the stovetop. They are also perfectly oven-safe, and they are normally deeper and are better for cooking soups, bread, or pies. Their shape means they can also substitute other cookware.

Oval vs Round Dutch Oven - which is best?

Both types of Dutch oven come in a range of sizes. 

I’m going into greater detail below to give you a complete picture of the benefits of each shape and the process of choosing a Dutch Oven.

Things to Consider Before Buying an enameled Dutch Oven

High-quality enameled Dutch ovens are incomparable. They give you the trusted cooking abilities of cast iron, but without the hassle of caring for it. The enamel coating provides a smooth and easy-to-clean surface that won’t erode or absorb any food residue.

What’s more, their attractive appearance allows you to go straight from oven, or stovetop, to table.

Please remember, though, that cast iron is heavy. If lifting weight is a problem for you, consider getting a smaller Dutch oven.

The oval Dutch oven I am reviewing is 6.7 pounds and the round one is 13 pounds.

As you decide which Dutch oven is right for you, take note of how many people you’d like to serve. You might only need to cook small meals and can save on storage space with a smaller piece. 

As a general rule, allow at least 1 quart per person/serving.

Le Creuset is a staple brand for all sorts of cookware. Their Dutch Ovens are designed and produced in France, so you know you’re receiving a top-quality product simply by the brand name. They have been providing this cookware for generations to people all over the world.

Oval dutch oven vs round dutch oven


Let’s look at the detailed differences between each shape of Dutch Oven.

Oval Dutch Oven

I took a look at three different categories to review the oval Dutch oven from Le Creuset. 

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Oval Dutch Oven, 6.75 qt., Cerise


The Signature Oval Dutch Oven from Le Creuset comes in six sizes. Each one is measured in quarts and informs you how many people it can feed per serving. Having those sizes to choose from lets you get the best piece for your kitchen. 

The oval shape can present an issue if you have limited storage space. The form can be hard to fit in among other round or rectangular pots. However, if that isn’t a problem in your kitchen, it’s a welcome addition.

You can also place it on the stovetop, but the shape might not fit easily on the burners and not cook as evenly. 

Cooking Performance

The Oval Dutch oven cooks casseroles, roasted vegetables, bread, and even dips so they can be quickly scooped out and served. Often, if you could make it in a regular dish, you can make it in the Dutch Oven.

Use Cases

The oval shape is ideal for cooking and slow roasting meat, especially whole birds. They accommodate the length and fit in the oven. 

Since roasts and other food need room to breathe while it cooks, make sure to choose a size that allows various recipes and food sizes.

Round Dutch Oven

Now, let’s look at how the round Dutch oven differs from the oval. 

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 7.25 qt., Cerise


The Signature Round Dutch Oven from Creuset is available in seven sizes. The round shape allows it to be used in place of regular pots for all sorts of stovetop recipes.

Since it’s round, this Dutch Oven can even replace an existing pan in your cupboards. The round size is easier to store in a tighter space.

Cooking Performance

This round Dutch Oven performs similarly to the oval oven in terms of what you can make. It cooks evenly throughout and allows a large serving size, depending on which size of oven you purchase. 

There are seven sizes, so you can choose the oven you want based on the number of people you wish to feed. This oven is deeper than the oval option, making it great for pies, soups, and larger meals. 

Use Cases

The round Dutch oven can be used in the oven or stovetop, making it incredibly versatile. It is deeper and a much better option if you’re making stew or soup. The cast iron distributes and retains heat well, so your food cooks evenly and stays warmer longer. 

Which Is Best for You?

So, should you choose a round or oval Dutch oven? Both of these shapes have their advantages and unique uses. They are the same quality and offer a range of sizes and different colors. So which one should you go for?

The Round Dutch Oven

You should choose the round Dutch oven if:  

  • You are a fan of making soups and other foods that need a deeper pot
  • You need to save on your space in your kitchen
  • You want to replace current cookware with a multi-purpose Dutch Oven

The Oval Dutch Oven

The oval Dutch oven is best for you if:

  • You slow cook various meats often, especially whole birds
  • You serve and make casseroles
  • You have the storage space

What will help you cook delicious, healthy meals with ease? That will be up to you. If you want to find out more about Le Creuset then check out my guide: Is Le Creuset Worth It?