Blue Diamond Pan Review – Is It Any Good? (Blue Diamond Cookware Reviews)

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My children love a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on almost everything they eat, no matter if it’s an omelet, spinach tacos or veggie burgers.

However, adding cheese to their meals, risks me having to spend time cleaning sticky burnt particles from the pan. I eventually end up with a no-longer-nonstick pan that needs to be replaced.

The Blue Diamond pan adverts claim a superior and more durable non stick performance. If true it would solve many problems.

Yet does the pan perform as claimed? Read this Blue Diamond pan review to find out!

Spoiler Alert! If you can’t be bothered to read the review and just want to know whether to buy Blue Diamond: The Blue Diamond pan is OK and a good value pan to buy. Yet I would recommend the Michelangelo Pan instead. Read on to find out why.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Diamond Infused Nonstick Pan

What to look for in a Diamond infused Pan? Increased Durability, Non-Toxic, Easy to Clean and Less Sticky

Despite a wide range of nonstick cookware raging in the market, it’s still hard to find a product that packs efficiency, safety and durability altogether.

Those pans with a high nonstick ability fail to serve you for more than a couple of months, and those that last longer are not 100 percent safe or nonstick.

A diamond-infused nonstick pan—such as the Blue Diamond pan— has the potential to address this. The diamond infused surface should allow it to be durable and avoid toxic ingredients

However, Blue Diamond doesn’t state clearly whether its products contain PTFE—the active ingredient of Teflon that some consumers look to avoid. I’ll cover this below, but while there are concerns over the ingredient, it is safe to cook with if you use it properly.

A big plus is that the cookware can, supposedly, resist the stickiest foods and last for years with proper maintenance.

If you’re a busy parent who wants to prepare quick healthy food for your family and avoid spending your time and money dealing with substandard cookware, a diamond-infused non-stick pan is convenient.

But before buying any cookware, you should make sure they are:

  • Durable.
  • Healthy.
  • A fair price.
  • Oven-safe.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for your stove.
  • Able to conduct even heat.
  • Safe and easy to use.

Presenting the Blue Diamond Pan

Blue Diamond Pan Review

Blue Diamond is a renowned brand for nonstick cookware that manufactures individual stockpots, pans and entire cookware sets.

From saucepans and grill pans to griddles and skillets, Blue Diamond cookware comes in a wide variety of sizes and capacities. Yet, the focus of this review is on the 10-inch frypan.

This Blue Diamond pan comes with a blue design, ceramic interior, diamond dust finish, and metallic handles. With its standard 10-inch design, it allows you to cook two portions of meat or fry three eggs at once.

The first time I saw the blue diamond ad on TV, I asked myself, is the Blue Diamond pan any good for my daily cooking? And after all the research I’ve done, here are some of its positive and negative aspects: 


  • A more durable surface compared to similar products
  • Quick and even heat distribution
  • Absolutely nonstick
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Affordable


  • Handles are not cool-touch
  • Probably contains PTFE
  • Doesn’t live up to claims like non-scratch surface

Blue Diamond Pan: Features and Benefits

Shape and Design

When it comes to decorative features, an image of a Blue Diamond cookware set speaks for itself. The Blue Diamond pan is radiant blue on the outside and has a smooth ceramic coating inside.

Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 10" Frying Pan Skillet, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Blue

It has an 8-inch, comfortable handle that facilitates gripping, rotating and tossing food.

The sides are not too short nor too long, which is ideal for cooking various recipes. The oil doesn’t run over the walls, and at the same time, you won’t burn your hands while using a spatula.

One disappointing thing about the Blue Diamond pan design is that the handle can get hot when used on high heat, so you’ll need to use oven mitts. 


How durable is the blue diamond pan?

Cookware manufacturers use various coatings to produce non-stick products and different methods to spray or attach the coatings. So, based on the material they use, the amount and density of layers and the manufacturing method, nonstick cookware may vary in terms of quality.

Blue Diamond uses a multilayer ceramic substrate that is infused with tough diamonds. Since diamonds are the hardest material for protecting other objects, the Blue Diamond pan should be less likely to warp, peel or degrade after a few months of usage.

Compared to many pans out there on the market, this Blue Diamond pan is alleged to be “10 times more durable” and should maintain its non-stick properties. 

In reality, customers do report that this pan can get damaged just like other pans. It’s not invulnerable! Diamond infused isn’t the same as an actual diamond. (Wouldn’t that be great – a diamond pan you could never break or scratch? Sadly we’re not there yet.)

This pan might be less durable than others though. There are reports of it scratching easily, including on the inside. As soon as a non stick coating starts to peel I would throw it away. So there’s a good chance the Blue Diamond pan won’t last long.


The manufacturer stated that the cookware is free from toxic substances such as PFAs, cadmium, and lead. This makes it sound like a healthy option for your cooking routine. Yet reputable cookware is free of these substances these days anyway.

However, the product description says nothing about Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – the active ingredient in Teflon and most non-stick. After all I’ve heard about the toxicity concerns of PTFE ingredients, the first question that occurred to me was, “Is Blue Diamond ceramic cookware safe for my children?”

To answer that question, I emailed the manufacturer to see whether they include PTFE in their cookware, but I received no answer. So it seems likely that the Blue Diamond pan contains PTFE.

Warning: Likely Contains PTFE

According to many scientific studies about PTFE, it’s safe in cooking temperatures.

Unless you use temperatures as high as 260°C (500°F)—which is unlikely in a kitchen—PTFE won’t release toxic gases.

This means if you adhere to some cautious tips, it’s not dangerous for your home setting. Besides, unlike PFOA, PTFE is FDA-approved and food-safe so that it shouldn’t cause any threats to your family. 

Yet what I dislike is that many people are trying to avoid PTFE and could buy the pan without realizing what it includes.

In terms of safety, it has firm handles and is oven-safe. The manufacturer claims that this pan can withstand up to 315 °C (600°F), so you can use it in both a broiler and oven with no worries. However if it contains PTFE, which I believe it may well do, I would not recommend using it above 260 °C (500°F).

The handle can get hot when cooking which can be a safety factor.


If you ask me, I would say the best thing about Blue Diamond frying pan is its reasonable price.

Since I’m fond of quick skillet recipes, frying pans are the handiest tools around my kitchen. So, I’ve bought—and unfortunately, destroyed—several pans over the years.

If know any pan you are going to buy will get damaged anyway, a Blue Diamond pan might be a good choice. It’s inexpensive to buy and cheap to replace.


Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 9.5" and 11" Frying Pan Skillet Set, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Blue

Other than durability, the diamond-infused coating of this pan makes it a great conductor of heat. 

The product description says it’s four times better in transferring the heat, and a 2018 technical report by CSA Group has approved the claim. Blue Diamond skillet reviews have given high ratings for its heat distribution and cooking speed.

The pan also has a ceramic nonstick finish that allows everything to slide out of the pan once cooked.

Some customers report the non-stick coat wears off after a couple of weeks. Yet other users that took good care of the pan faced no sticking issues even with frequent uses.

Another reason that makes the coating peel off after a while is that many websites—including the manufacturer—introduce it as metal-resistant, while it’s not. It’s best to avoid metal, as some users found you can scratch the surface of the pan and ruin the non-stick ability.

Yet again it feels like an OK pan for the price, but one that’s been “bigged up” beyond it’s actual capabiliies.

Easy Maintenance

As nothing should stick to the pan, this makes the cooking and cleaning process easier. With the ceramic surface, Blue Diamond pans clean with a single wipe, so you won’t need much time, force, or effort to wash them. 

Plus, I have even better news for comfort-seekers. All Blue Diamond pans are dishwasher-safe! 

Yet I wouldn’t recommend the dishwasher. Since it’s so easy to clean, just wash it quickly by hand. The non stick surface is less likely to wear away if you take care.


Compared to the heavy copper-blended pans on the market, Blue Diamond pans have a diamond-infused ceramic layer that makes it super lightweight and easy-to-carry. Each pan only weighs about 1.75 pounds (0.8kg), so you can easily flip and serve food.


Unfortunately the pan doesn’t come with a lid. This isn’t the end of the world as you can get your lid apart, but something to factor into the cost if you want one.


According to Blue Diamond cookware reviews, you can use this cookware on various types of stovetops such as ceramic, gas, halogen, and electric. Unfortunately, induction stovetops are not on that list.

This is fine with me because I have a typical gas stove. But if induction-friendly pans are your only choice, skip the product and go for its alternatives that I’ve mentioned below.

Blue Diamond Cookware Review

It may be that you aren’t looking for just a pan, but a full cookware set. Blue Diamond does offer a full set of pots and pans.

For example this 10 piece cookware set includes:

  • 2 frying pans (7 and 9 inch)
  • 2 saucepans with lids
  • A stockpot
  • A couple of cooking utensils
Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick, 10 Piece Cookware Pots and Pans Set, PFAS Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe

In the main, my comments are the same as for the Blue Diamond Pan:

  • Good value
  • Not especially durable
  • Attractive
  • Likely includes PTFE (Teflon)

So, get this Blue Diamond cookware set if you want a nice looking, affordable, non-stick cookware set that doesn’t needed to last long.

It could be a nice gift for a young adult leaving home, particularly if they are going to shared accommodation.

I will just add to this though, that perhaps I am a little cynical, as some customers have commented on their Blue Diamond cookware lasting years when they look after it. So who knows?

One thing I would note is that, although Blue Diamond claims their cookware is metal utensil safe, they include nylon utensils, not metal utensils. Hmm–I wonder why?

Alternatives to the Blue Diamond Pan

MICHELANGELO 10 Inch Nonstick Frying Pan

Similar to what you read in the Blue Diamond review, this product has blue exteriors, ceramic interiors and diamond-infused inner layers. According to customer feedback, the handles are comfortable for lifting and turning the food out, but they get hot because of the metallic design.

MICHELANGELO 8 Inch Frying Pan Nonstick, Small Frying Pan with Lid, Omelet Pan Nonstick with Ceramic Coating, Nonstick Pan with Lid, Ceramic Frying Pan with Glass Lid, Blue

Overall, if you’re looking for a PTFE-free version of Blue Diamond frying pan, this 10-inch skillet is for you.

Here’s a short comparison between MICHELANGELO vs. Blue Diamond pan:

  • Induction compatible, while Blue Diamond pan is not.
  • Withstands about 232°C (450°F), which is almost half the heat resistance of a Blue Diamond, yet more than enough for most uses.
  • Free from all Teflon ingredients—including PTFE.
  • Includes a lid.
  • Both are dishwasher- and oven-safe.
  • Both are great conductors of heat.

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan – 9.5″

This item costs three times more than the Blue Diamond but offers almost the same features. It has the same weight, the same size, and almost the same construction. But if you care about cool-touch handles and don’t mind paying a few bucks more, this might be a better match for you.

Swiss Diamond 9.5 Inch Frying Pan - HD Nonstick Diamond Coated Aluminum Skillet Dishwasher Safe and Oven Safe Fry Pan, Grey

Here’s a short list of Swiss Diamond vs. Blue Diamond features:

  • Has good non-stick properties but it may not last.
  • Has a diamond-infused, aluminum design.
  • Unlike Blue Diamond, it receives customer praise for its cool-touch handles.
  • Both get high ratings for heat conductivity and ergonomic handles.
  • More expensive.
  • Swiss Diamond contains PTFE (Teflon active ingredient) as does, most likely, Blue Diamond.

Granite Stone 14” Nonstick Frying Pan

Another alternative for the Blue Diamond pan is this Granite Stone frying pan that’s oven safe to 280°C (550°F). It has three thick aluminum layers that are reinforced by hard diamond, offering truly non-stick properties. If you need something large for your dinner parties, you might want to consider this option.

My concern is that it isn’t clear from the product description if it is PTFE free. (PTFE is the active ingredient of Teflon). When these things aren’t clear – that’s not a good sign, and I suspect it contains PTFE. Not the end of the world, but not great if you are trying to avoid it.

Granitestone 14 Inch Large Nonstick Frying Pan Nonstick Pan for Cooking with Diamond Triple Coated Surface, Family Sized Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet with Stay Cool/Helper Handle, Oven/Dishwasher Safe

Here’s other features of Granite Stone in comparison to Blue Diamond:

  • The size is almost twice the Blue Diamond.
  • The handles are rather cool to the touch.
  • Granite Stone handles have sharp ends and are not as comfortable as Blue Diamond handles.
  • The pan is 1 pound heavier due to its larger capacity.
  • It’s not as efficient in terms of heat distribution.
  • Granite Stone is likely to contain PTFE (just like Blue Diamond).


If you’re looking for a quality, affordable, nonstick pan, for the price, Blue Diamond nonstick pans are OK. Whether you need an oven griddle pan, sautépan, or a covered frypan, Blue Diamond has you covered.

It’s not the greatest quality but the replacement cost is so low it could be worth a punt.

Yet I would hesitate to buy Blue Diamond. There’s two reasons:

  • I don’t like how they talk about their diamond reinforced technology when underlying it is basically a version of Teflon. I think people might buy it to avoid PTFE or Teflon and be let down.
  • My impression is that some other non stick pans are of higher quality – meaning they will last longer. Non stick will never last forever, but it’s always good to get as high quality as possible.

So, personally, I’d turn to the Michelangelo pan. It’s PTFE free and about as durable as nonstick gets. It’s also diamond-infused and offers the same attractive look as other pans in this sector.

I’ve also written a guide to nonstick ceramic fry pans if you want more alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Blue Diamond pans have Teflon?

Blue Diamond pans likely have Teflon. This is because:

  • The manufacturer’s description does not state they are PTFE-free (PTFE is the active ingredient of Teflon.)
  • The manufacturer refuses to confirm either way when contacted about this.
  • Most non-stick frying pans contain PTFE (Teflon), unless otherwise stated.

Is Blue Diamond cookware safe?

Blue Diamond cookware is just as safe as other Teflon based cookware. Since it has Teflon, it doesn’t have the health advantages of non-Teflon cookware. Yet Teflon is a safe non-stick coating when used properly.

In particular, Blue Diamond cookware could emit toxic fumes if overheated that have been known to kill pet birds.

Blue Diamond cookware, like all modern cookware, does not contain PFOA, a known carcinogen.

Why is my Blue Diamond pan sticking?

All non-stick coatings eventually wear away. Although Blue Diamond claims extra durability, it’s not invincible. You can maximize the life of your non-stick coating by:

  • Handwashing*
  • Cleaning immediately (don’t leave food sitting)
  • Not using metal utensils or abrasive substances
  • Not allowing other cookware to come into contact with the inner non-stick surface
  • Monthly cleaning with a chemical solvent like Bar Keeper’s friend

*Blue Diamond claims its pan is dishwasher safe. This is a good thing and means you could get away with occasionally using it in the dishwasher. Make sure the inner surface of the Blue Diamond pan doesn’t touch anything though. I recommend using the dishwasher as little as possible for non-stick cookware even if allegedly dishwasher safe. The reality is the better you treat your cookware, the longer it will last.

Once your pan is started sticking the best thing to do is try to clean it with a strong solvent, like Bar Keeper’s friend. If that doesn’t work, then–buy a new pan. There are non-stick sprays out there but I advise against use as it’s not clear to me if they are safe.

Why do eggs stick to my non stick pan?

Assuming your nonstick coating is still intact and working, then you need to look at how you are cooking. To cook eggs without sticking:

  • Add plenty of oil (such as extra virgin olive oil) to the pan before use
  • Then start to warm up–the pan is ready when small bubbles form in the oil
  • Then add your eggs

Is Blue Diamond metal utensil safe?

No. Metal is hard and will scratch the surface of any cookware. I don’t recommend metal utensils for cookware, though you could perhaps get away with them with stainless steel, cast iron or carbon steel.

Blue Diamond has a non-stick coating–it may be a diamond infused ceramic coating, but the surface isn’t one big diamond. This means that metal utensils will scratch the coating over time.

Can Blue Diamond pans go in the dishwasher?

The official dishwasher safe logo on the left (two dishes under some lines representing water) which is only for the top rack, and the unofficial dishwasher safe logo on the right.

According to the manufacturer a Blue Diamond pan is dishwasher-safe. However non-stick will last longer if you hand wash, which is what I recommend.

Are ceramic pans safe?

Ceramic pans from a reputable manufacturer should be safe. There’s nothing dangerous in the ceramic. However:

  • Be careful about cheap imports from unknown manufacturers–there could be a chance of lead
  • What else is in the ceramic? Some ceramic pans also contain PTFE (Teflon).

Is a ceramic pan better than Teflon?

Many ceramic pans contain PTFE, the active ingredient of Teflon. Those pans are not better, nor worse than Teflon–they are Teflon.

However some ceramic pans don’t contain Teflon or PTFE. Those pans are indeed better than Teflon. This is because Teflon, though theoretically safe if used correctly, can emit dangerous fumes when overheated.

So a ceramic pan, without PTFE or Teflon, is likely a safer option. However these pans may be less durable or less non-stick.

The best bet is often enameled cast iron which is similar to ceramic, but certainly Teflon free, and very durable.

If you are interested in ceramic pans, check out my Scanpan reviews, or my ceramic cookware reviews. Visit my in-depth comparison of Scanpan vs. Greenpan.

Can a Blue Diamond Frying Pan go in the oven?

Yes! Blue Diamond pans are oven safe. The manufacturer claims that this pan can withstand up to 315 °C (600°F). However if it contains PTFE, which I believe it may well do, I would not recommend using it above 260 °C (500°F). Either temperatures should be enough for most domestic cooking scenarios.