The Best Pancake Griddle: The Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes of 2023

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My children love nothing more than waking up to pancakes for breakfast. I prepare the mixture the day before, leave it in the fridge and start the day with pancakes!

I cook one pancake at a time and cut it in half so they each get something at the same time. If I’m lucky I can griddle myself a quick pancake before I need to do the next one for them!

The truth is that you can prepare pancakes in a frying pan or skillet.

However, a decent pancake griddle pan can make the job easier and perhaps help you cook a delicious golden pancake. It might even help you to prepare more than one pancake at the same time, which is essential when you have two children!

The Cooks Standard Hard Anodized Nonstick Square Griddle Pan is one of the best pancake griddles. It’s long-lasting, light and perfect for flipping. Read on for some great alternatives.

What To Look For In The Best Griddle Pan For Pancakes

In this guide, I want to take you through what you should think about. This will help you find the best pancake griddles for you, not just my favorite.

Size and the perfect flip

There’s nothing more fun than flipping pancakes – as long as they don’t get stuck on the ceiling, or, worse, the floor.

In fact, a lot can go wrong if you don’t catch it right. It can fold on itself in an ugly way.

Suddenly, everyone goes from being impatient for a pancake to “I think I’ll wait for the next one!”

But does size help here? You would think that a larger surface would make it easier to flip the pancake – more space to catch it right? Well in my experience, that’s just not the case.

Small pancake griddles great for flipping pancakes. Here’s how you do it:

  • Wait for some bubbles to form on the top
  • Check with the turner that the pancake is loose
  • Edge it over to the side of the griddle, with a tiny bit hanging over the edge
  • Flip – keep your eye on the pancake the whole time
  • And catch!

A smaller griddle makes it easier to move it to the right place to catch that pancake. A larger pan can be just too cumbersome. The only time that can work is if the pan is super light.

With a large griddle, I use a spatula or slotted turner to turn the pancakes. This makes quick work of cooking pancakes for everyone.

But it’s not as much fun!


I don’t have enough kitchen space, or money to spend, to have a pan for every type of thing I cook. Size, shape, and a nonstick surface are often the biggest versatility factors.

A kitchen tool that can do more than one job is more helpful than a dedicated pancake griddle. For instance, I love to use my griddle to make grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and even bacon.

For each of the pancake griddles on the list, I’ll give suggestions for other uses, if there are any.

Electric or Stovetop Pancake Griddles

An electric griddle will do a lot of the work for you, and sometimes even griddles both sides at once.

However, you can’t pop an electric griddle in the dishwasher, and it tends to take up more counter space. Counter space is more valuable than cupboard space for me. Worse, having a cluttered counter makes the kitchen look messy.

On the other hand, an electric griddle can be useful for cooking other things, like full English breakfast for the whole family.

An electric griddle could be great if you are doing pancakes every day. It’s there and ready to use. An electric griddle normally has a nonstick surface, too, so you can just wipe the surface after you use it.

Need an electric griddle? Check out my list of the top electric skillets and griddles.

Which Stove?

Gas stoves tend to work with everything, including griddles and grill pans. For pancake griddles, electric stoves also tend to work with everything.

If you are looking for a griddle for an induction cooktop that’s a different kettle of fish. These need certain materials to work – I’ll highlight this for you.

Sometimes people ask – what is the best griddle for glass top stoves? Glass top stoves are often induction stoves. If that’s the case for you then you need an induction compatible pan.

Height of Lip / Side – What is a Griddle Anyway?

A skillet, or frying pan, has high sides and a sauté pan has even higher sides. This allows you to cook in them while containing mess (or even to cook sauces).

With a griddle there is either a small lip or no lip around the side. This makes it easier to get a large turner under whatever you are griddling. This is because you don’t have any lip or side to get in the way.

OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Flexible Turner, Stainless Steel

If the griddle is big enough, having a lip is not such a big deal. Of course, the other side of the coin is that having a high side gives you more versatility.

A pancake on a griddle with not lip at all.

I’ll highlight whether the pancake pans I review have a side or not. This lets you choose the best griddle pan for your pancakes!

Cooking Surface

Non-stick is the easiest cooking surface for pancakes. A non-stick surface lets you flip the pancake without any problem.

You can also use cast iron and carbon steel, if well-seasoned, preheated and with oil. It’s a little bit more difficult, but it’s possible.

However cast iron cookware, especially enameled cast iron, is heavy, making it harder to flip pancakes.

Stainless steel makes for a great cooking surface generally, but not if you are making pancakes!

In the case of cast iron and carbon steel, the cooking surface is the same as the body. Often this is also the case with stainless steel.

However non-stick is only a cooking surface, not a body. I would recommend a hard-anodized aluminum body with a non-stick surface. This is tough, durable and light; as well as heating evenly and quickly. Ideal for making pancakes.

Best Griddle for Pancakes: Reviews

Best Pancake Griddle Reviews

Cooks Standard Nonstick Square Griddle Pan (Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes)

This large square non-stick griddle pan is ideal for cooking two to four small pancakes at once. It is large enough to fit more than one pancake, while being small enough to fit on one burner.

What’s more the lip is a perfect size for a griddle. It’s low enough that it doesn’t get in the way of the turner, and high enough to contain any oil you use.

This pan is incredibly versatile. It’s fantastic for frying up eggs or breakfasts. You could sear a steak with it or warm up some bread.

Cooks Standard Nonstick Square Griddle Pan 11 x 11-Inch, Hard Anodized Cookware Griddle Pan, Black

The product page says “Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended.” I’m not sure what that means – either you can stick it in the dishwasher or you can’t. The manufacturer should be clearer on this.

Yet … my experience with nonstick in general is that you can stick it in the dishwasher if you are careful. Make sure nothing metallic can touch the surface and don’t use a harsh detergent. However non-stick will last longer if you hand wash as much as possible.

This non-stick griddle won’t last forever but it is a versatile pan that you should get good use from. It’s not cheap, but for what you get, it is a steal.


  • Lip is perfect size for griddle
  • Nonstick cooking surface – easy to clean up
  • In theory dishwasher safe
  • Solid handle that stays cool
  • Durable hard-anodized aluminum body


  • Not induction stove compatible
  • “Hand wash recommended”
  • Can lost nonstick properties over time

Dash Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle

This Dash Mini Maker is a cute little electric griddle that’s very versatile – if you’re cooking for one person! It’s so tiny but easy to use. Simply plug it in, add your batter, and you’re ready to go!

DASH Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle for Individual Pancakes, Cookies, Eggs & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks with Indicator Light + Included Recipe Book - Silver

The Dash mini electric griddle is perfect for a fried breakfast if you are happy to cook one or two eggs at a time. Perhaps you only want one egg?

It doesn’t have a drip tray, so the exterior can potentially get messier. But you probably aren’t going to be making a lot of greasy foods with this electric griddle, so a drip tray isn’t an absolute must.

This round electric griddle is not for me. I need something that can cook a bit more, but it’s perfect if you’re cooking for one. The nonstick surface is easy to clean and doesn’t take up valuable counter space. On the other hand, an electric griddle isn’t dishwasher safe, so you will have to clean it by hand each time.

DASH Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle for Individual Pancakes, Cookies, Eggs & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks with Indicator Light + Included Recipe Book - Pink


  • Comes with recipe book
  • Versatile
  • Small footprint
  • Closed lid makes cleanup easier
  • Highly affordable.
  • Non-stick cooking surface


  • Takes up countertop space
  • Electric griddle= not for the dishwasher!
  • One smallish pancake or two eggs at a time
  • Some spatter even with lid down
  • Not easy to clean

Presto Ceramic Electric Griddle

This Presto Ceramic Electric Griddle is a large 22-inch electric griddle. That means you can cook up breakfast for the whole family in one go. It’s super versatile in terms of what you can cook.

The slight lip is perfect for containing oil, while letting you get the turner under the food you are griddling. Plus, there’s a drip tray for catching grease from grilled cheese sandwiches or other foods.

Since it’s electric you don’t need to worry if your stove breaks, or you don’t have a stove. As long as you can plug it in, this will just work.

The problem is, it is very big. I can’t imagine storing this on my countertop, but I also don’t know where else I would put it. Also, this might not leave any food preparation space when you do have it on the countertop.

This electric griddle is ideal for big kitchens and big families. It gives you extra cooking surface, in addition to your stove, and is super versatile.

Presto Ceramic 22-inch 07062 Electric Griddle with removable handles, Black, One Size

The Presto electric griddle is not for me because my kitchen is too small, and I don’t think I need a griddle this big anyway.

In theory, you can take it apart to store it and to put the cooking surfaces in the dishwasher. But if you’re like me, you’re not going to dismantle and reassemble cookware with each use.

This electric griddle isn’t cheap, but on a per square foot basis it’s quite reasonable!


  • Slight lip – perfect for griddling
  • Versatile
  • Great for large families – lots of extra cooktop space
  • Ceramic nonstick surface – easy to clean up
  • Grease catcher drip tray to minimise mess and reduce fat


  • It’s too big – you need a large kitchen
  • Uneven heating over the surface of the pan
  • If / when electric components fail it becomes useless

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle and Hot Handle Holder

So, first off, a cast iron griddle isn’t for everyone. Check out my guide to cooking with and caring for cast iron if you aren’t sure.

For some reason, at the time of writing, the product page claims this cast iron griddle is dishwasher safe. Forget about it. Cast iron is never dishwasher safe. Believe me I’m happy to stick things in the dishwasher, but not this griddle.

Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder, 10.5-inch

That said, if you want a griddle to pass on to your grandchildren, this could be the one for you.

Of course it’s just too heavy for me to even try flipping pancakes with it.

Flipping aside, it’s a beautifully designed and high quality cast iron griddle for a reasonable price.


  • Cast Iron will last forever if treated right
  • Great quality Lodge pan
  • Nice handle cover
  • Induction compatible
  • Round shape ideal for pancakes
  • Lip on edge is perfect size


  • Cast iron is extra work to look after
  • Cast iron is not dishwasher safe whatever the product page says
  • Perhaps a tad small – one large pancake at a time

The only difficulty with this Lodge is that it’s a bit small if you are making a lot of pancakes, where you may need a double burner griddle. I’ve written about other cast iron griddles, including two burners which might let you make pancakes for everyone at the same time.

Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan

This nonstick pancake griddle comes with 7 different faces. You cook the pancake in one of the built in molds and out it comes as a giant emoji.

In a way, this is great for cooking pancakes for the whole family (yourself included) at the same time.

Good Cooking Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan with 7 Fun Mini Faces - Non-Stick Skillet Griddle - Pan Cakes are Perfect for Kids Breakfast, Brunch, Parties, Birthdays

It can be a bit tricky to flip the pancakes, even with a non-stick surface. I would suggest using another surface (like a plate) to help “catch” the pancakes when you turn them over.

The problem for me is that this is so limited in use – it’s the opposite of versatile!

All in all, I would say this griddle is a nice novelty item, but it’s not very practical. Let’s be honest, it’s the sort of thing you use once or twice and then gets forgotten about at the back of the cupboard!


  • Nice faces for kids – makes it more fun!
  • Induction compatible
  • Non-stick cooking surface


  • Only one of each type of face. You can bet your kids will all want the same face at the same time!
  • Much more limited what you can actually fry / griddle with this pan
  • Tricky to flip the pancakes

Calphalon Square Griddle Pan

This is a lovely griddle pan for cooking all the family a small pancake each. The lip is the right height and the pan the right size and shape.

Since it is dishwasher safe and nonstick, clean up is cinch.

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Square Griddle Pan, 11-inch, Black

It is a little bit more expensive than other pans, and at this price you do kind of expect good quality. On the whole that’s what it has – you can feel its sturdiness when you pick it up.

Unfortunately there are reports of it warping.

If you think you can look after it, you do get a decent pan for your money. It isn’t always available, though, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for it.


  • Nice size – cook 3-4 pancakes at once on a single burner
  • Nonstick cooking surface for easy clean up
  • Lip is right height for a griddle
  • Solid cool to touch handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable hard-anodized aluminum body


  • Pricier end of the market
  • Doesn’t work on induction stoves
  • Warps if not treated right

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Open Skillet

This 8-inch skillet isn’t a griddle, per se. Its high sides mean that it is more of a frying pan. Still, it can serve as a round griddle for pancakes.

I often use my frying pan to griddle pancakes and with the right turner (i.e. one with a bit of flex) you should be fine.

That said this is a little bit small. You need to leave space to fit the turner in, so there’s only enough room for one medium-sized pancake at a time.

Of course that makes it perfect for flipping pancakes!

Cuisinart 722-20 8-Inch Chef's-Classic-Stainless-Cookware-Collection, 8", Open Skillet

Since this is a stainless steel pancake pan (or frying pan) it is harder to clean. You also need to be more careful to stop food sticking. It definitely isn’t Teflon!

You could use this versatile little pan for cooking pancakes, frying, sauteing or even preparing sauces.

A nice pan for a single person, perhaps for a young adult leaving home for the first time. It’s too small for me though.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Very efficient heating – take care until you are used to it
  • Cool touch solid handle
  • Good price for the quality


  • Bottom discolors / stains and it’s hard to get out
  • Not true nonstick – need to prewarm first and use lots of oil
  • Handle can get hot if cooking for a long time
  • Difficult to clean stainless steel cooking surface
  • No lid – would have increased versatility of skillet
  • Not induction compatible

Calphalon Stainless Steel Saute Pan with Cover

Is this a round pancake griddle or a sauté pan? Obviously it’s really a sauté pan. So why did I include it?

The thing is you can use pans like this to griddle pancakes, what’s more they are more versatile than a griddle. You can cook a family breakfast with this pan, prepare a sauce or sear a steak.

Unfortunately, there is a slight bow in the base. This isn’t ideal as liquids will flow outwards. In this case, if you have got your pancake mix thick enough, it will help you spread the pancake. If your pancake mixture is too thin, your pancake will have a hole in the middle.

The price means it is definitely a premium product. And you can see why – it is sturdy, has lots of uses, and should last a long time. 

There are reports of it occasionally warping slightly. This isn’t the end of the world but unacceptable at this price range.


  • Can use on induction stoves
  • Extra handle in case it is fully laden
  • Nice size big enough for a large pancake
  • Good heat distribution
  • Quality product
  • Extremely versatile
  • See through lid


  • Very expensive
  • Hard to clean stainless steel surface
  • Slight bow upwards in base can leave inside dry
  • Very heavy
  • Prone to slight warping after use – unacceptable at this price

All-Clad Hard-Anodized Nonstick Griddle (Best Double Burner Griddle)

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a double burner griddle to prepare lots of pancakes at once. This griddle comes from All-Clad’s Ha1 collection of hard-anodized cookware.

It can sit across a larger stovetop due to its 20-inch (51 cm) length, but it’s also oven safe to 260°C (500°F).

Thanks to the hard anodized aluminum body it’s durable and lightweight. This makes it easy to lift, despite its bulk.

All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle 13x20 Inch Oven Broiler Safe 500F Pots and Pans, Cookware Black

In addition, the handles make it even easier to lift, although I’m not a fan of their placement or how hot they get.

The handles do make it harder to fit this in the dishwasher.

But I need to stress—and anyone who owns this pan will agree—hand-washing is best, anyway! You need to preserve that non-stick coating. The best nonstick griddle can survive a run in the dishwasher but lasts longer far away from it.

This is one of the highest quality griddles on the market. It has a large cooking area meaning you can cook pancakes for the whole family.

What’s more you can use it for other breakfast foods, like hash browns, eggs and bacon.


  • Strong handles
  • Nonstick surface is scratch-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can high oven temperatures


  • The handles get hot
  • Difficult to fit in the dishwasher
  • Not induction compatible


What is the best type of griddle to use for making pancakes?

For most people having a nonstick surface really helps. Other than that, I recommend a small griddle that lets you do one pancake at a time–this ideal for flipping!

Is a griddle better for pancakes?

The biggest advantage of a pancake griddle is how much easier the low sides make flipping the pancake. If your current skillet works–no need to change anything.

You can also get an electric griddle which is convenient if you want your stovetop free for other items.

Is a nonstick surface better for pancake griddles?

It’s easier to cook pancakes on a non-stick surface. Yet experienced cooks make pancakes on cast iron, carbon steel or even stainless steel.

If you have to ask–stick with a non-stick-surface.

Final Verdict: The Best Pancake Griddles

Best Pancake Griddle (Overall)

My personal favorite pancake griddle is the Cooks Standard Hard Anodized Nonstick Square Griddle Pan. It’s a true griddle pan and it’s nonstick which means easy cleanup.

In theory, it’s dishwasher safe but you might want to be careful at first since the product page caveats this. Personally I would stick it in the dishwasher but it’s a risk.

Although suitable for induction stoves this is also the best griddle for gas stoves. Its large surface would work well with the flames of a gas stove.

The clincher for me is that it is the perfect size to cook four small pancakes so that the whole family is happy.

The icing on the cake, though, is that, despite its size, you can still use it to flip pancakes. It helps that it’s super light so handles easier than other cookware its size.

Don’t try to flip four pancakes at once thought! One at a time please!

Best Stainless Steel Pancake Griddle

Perhaps this should be the best pancake skillet because the Calphalon Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with Cover isn’t a true griddle. But that can be an advantage! You can do more with a skillet as the sides are higher. It’s fine as long as you have a flexible (silicone) turner and a little dexterity. You just bend the turner under the pancake.

I love this pan and I know it will last. It’s the most versatile of all the pans I’ve reviewed here (hence why I made up a category for it!)

If I have one doubt it’s that stainless steel is not really ideal for pancakes.

Best Griddle Pan For Induction Stoves

If you have an induction-compatible stove your options are more limited. Cast iron can be a good choice but it risks scratching the glass surface.

I’d recommend the Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan as the best griddle pan for induction stoves. It’s a nice little pan and easy to make some fun pancakes for the children.

Unlike cast iron it will also work well with smooth top stoves.

More Griddles to Consider

If you’ve enjoyed this guide but are still thinking about what griddle to buy, check out one of my other reviews:

Finally, another option is a waffle maker with removable plates. Get one which lets you swap out pancake plates, it’s probably the easiest way to cook pancakes since you won’t need to flip them. (But where’s the fun in that?)