Best Non-Toxic Cutting Boards: Wood, Rubber, and Glass

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I've narrowed it down to seven of the best non-toxic cutting boards. My top pick? The Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board.

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Choosing the right cutting board can be deceptively difficult. Should you choose maple? Walnut? Bamboo? Glass? Plastic? Which type has the best antibacterial properties? What’s the easiest to maintain?

The questions abound.

I like the Epicurean Cutting Board for several reasons. It’s made from recycled material, it’s easy on knife blades, it’s non-toxic, and it has great reviews. It’s also available at a reasonable price point.

Fortunately, I’ve rounded up several of the best non-toxic cutting boards for those who prioritize safe and healthy food prep.

Which non-toxic cutting board is right for you? Keep reading to find out more.

At a Glance

My Pick
Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board
Best on a Budget
Liflicon Thick Silicone Cutting Board
Premium Choice
Large End Grain Wood Cutting Board
Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 11.5-Inch × 9-Inch, Natural
Thick Silicone Cutting Board 12.6'' x 9.1'' Foldable & Flexible Design Juice Grooves Easy Grip Handle Dishwasher Safe-Blue
Extra Large End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board [1.5" Thick]. Made of Teak Wood and Conditioned with Beeswax, Flaxseed Oil & Lemon Oil. 20" x 14" Chopping Board by Ziruma.
This material makes the cutting board, durable, non-porous, and knife-friendly.
This non-toxic cutting board is heat resistant to 482°F (250°C), so you can use it safely around the kitchen.
These chopping boards have a superior ability to recondition and heal after cuts without dulling the knife edge.
My Pick
Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board
Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 11.5-Inch × 9-Inch, Natural
This material makes the cutting board, durable, non-porous, and knife-friendly.
Best on a Budget
Liflicon Thick Silicone Cutting Board
Thick Silicone Cutting Board 12.6'' x 9.1'' Foldable & Flexible Design Juice Grooves Easy Grip Handle Dishwasher Safe-Blue
This non-toxic cutting board is heat resistant to 482°F (250°C), so you can use it safely around the kitchen.
Premium Choice
Large End Grain Wood Cutting Board
Extra Large End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board [1.5" Thick]. Made of Teak Wood and Conditioned with Beeswax, Flaxseed Oil & Lemon Oil. 20" x 14" Chopping Board by Ziruma.
These chopping boards have a superior ability to recondition and heal after cuts without dulling the knife edge.

Non-Toxic Cutting Boards: Product Reviews

Epicurean Cutting Board: Best Overall Non-Toxic Cutting Board

Epicurean makes a variety of cutting boards, kitchen tools, and utensils. This Epicurean Cutting Board has a generous 11.5-inch by 9-inch (29 x 23 cm) size and comes in a natural, nutmeg, or slate finish.

This non-toxic cutting board is made from Richlite material, a paper composite made from post-consumer recycled paper. This material makes the cutting board, durable, non-porous, and knife-friendly.

The thin profile is lightweight and can be used on the flip side, as well. The built-in thumb holes allow for easy hanging or storing.

This cutting board can hold up to temperatures of 350°F (180°C), so it can also be used as a trivet. It’s also made in the U.S.A. if that’s important for you.

Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board, 11.5-Inch × 9-Inch, Natural

Customers raved about their Epicurean cutting boards. They liked that the cutting surface didn’t dull their knives, and they also appreciated the lightweight and easy-to-clean design.

One issue some had was the slick surface. The board was prone to sliding on the countertop.

You can easily solve this problem by placing a damp paper towel underneath the board during use or by gluing non-stick rubber feet to the base of the board.

You’ll definitely get a lot of value with the Epicurean cutting board. It’s one of the best cutting boards on the market.


  • Made from recycled paper composite
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Lightweight, reversible board
  • Doesn’t dull knives
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Gets slick underneath

4-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set: Best Budget Bamboo Set

If you’re looking for a cutting board set that is highly durable and geared for safe food prep, this 4-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set is for you.

The four bamboo boards come in assorted sizes. Dedicate one board for meat or chicken and the other three boards for produce. The groove in the largest board catches juice to prevent sticky counters.

These non-toxic cutting boards can also double as placemats, serving trays, or charcuterie boards. They look nice on the countertop, so you don’t have to hide them away in a drawer or cabinet.

These boards are made from 100% Moso bamboo that is grown organically. And while bamboo cutting boards have a reputation for using toxic glue to hold them together, this bamboo set is completely formaldehyde-free.

To clean your cutting boards, wash them with soapy water or salt water. Bamboo resists stains or smells, especially if washed right after use. Re-season with food-grade mineral oil or coconut oil, as needed.

One nice feature is the cut-out handle that allows you to pick up the board easily. I like this for sliding food into a pan after cutting it.

Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 4 - Kitchen Chopping Boards with Juice Groove for Meat, Cheese and Vegetables - Large Natural Wood Butcher Block, Cheese Board & Charcuterie Board

Buyers had positive reviews for these bamboo non-toxic cutting boards. They liked the variety of sizes, the feel, and the quality. There were some reports of splitting boards. The smaller boards don’t appear to be as durable as the larger board.

But overall, buyers were happy with their purchase. If you want something bamboo and easy on your budget, this bamboo cutting board set is one of the best.


  • Includes four boards of varying sizes
  • Attractive natural wood finish
  • Juice catcher on large board
  • Resists stains and smells
  • Hard, non-porous surface
  • Cut-out handle for easy carrying
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Reports of splitting

Liflicon Silicone Cutting Board: Best Budget Plastic Board

If colorful silicon non-toxic cutting boards are your thing, you might like the Liflicon Silicone Cutting Board. It comes in one of five bold color choices with a wide variety of size options.

This Liflicon cutting board is made of food-safe silicone. It’s stain-proof and stick-resistant, which is nice for cutting potatoes or other sticky foods. This board is designed to retain its color and resist tarnishing.

The thick and flexible design allows for easy transfer from board to bowl or pan. You won’t cut through the mat, however. It’s thick enough to handle cuts.

This non-toxic cutting board is heat resistant to 482°F (250°C), so you can use it safely around the kitchen. The non-slip material is also dishwasher-safe, making this cutting board easy to clean and disinfect.

For easy storage, each board comes with a built-in loop that you can hang on any hook.

Liflicon Thick Silicone Cutting Board 12.6'' x 9.1'' Juice Grooves Easy Grip Handle Dishwasher Safe-Blue

Buyers liked that they could color-code their mats to prevent cross-contamination.

However, many customers noticed knife marks after only a few uses. Those grooves can harbor dangerous bacteria and make cleaning difficult.

Others noted that these non-toxic cutting boards are not supposed to be used with serrated knives. I don’t know about you, but I exclusively use serrated blades to cut through raw meat and poultry.

Having a cutting board that can’t withstand a sawing motion severely limits its use in the kitchen.

If color coding your mats is especially important to you, and if you’re willing to just use straight-edge blades, this Liflicon non-toxic cutting board is a great pick.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Multiple size options
  • Thick, flexible design
  • Low maintenance
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Not for serrated knives
  • Lacks longterm durability

Tempered Glass Cutting Board: Best Glass Cutting Board

Next up on my list of non-toxic cutting boards is this Tempered Glass Cutting Board. This belongs in the category of extra-large chopping boards, as evidenced by its 16″x 20″ size (41 x 51 cm). It consists of a solid piece of tempered glass.

This tempered glass cutting board is hygienic and resists stains and odors. And since it’s heat-resistant and shatter-resistant, you can also use this board as a clear trivet or serving plate.

The non-porous cutting surface makes it easy to clean. This non-toxic board is also dishwasher-safe for convenience.

Tempered Glass Cutting Board – Long Lasting Clear Glass – Scratch Resistant, Heat Resistant, Shatter Resistant, Dishwasher Safe. (XLarge 16x20")

This glass chopping board won’t slide around the countertop due to the rubber feet attached to the bottom. It’s scratch-resistant, too, so you can keep it on the countertop without worrying about an eyesore.

While customers were mostly glowing in their reviews of this cutting board, there were several reports of shattered cutting boards.

Some of these were damaged during the shipping process, while others shattered during use.

Another issue is the fact that glass is one of the worst cutting board materials for dulling knives. Glass is a hard material that won’t score, so it doesn’t have any give to it.

If maintaining sharp knives is paramount to you, I would advise against glass cutting boards.


  • Large size
  • Non-porous, non-toxic surface
  • Inconspicuous, blends in with any decor
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Will dull knives
  • Reports of shattered boards

NoTrax Non-Skid Rubber Cutting Board: Best Rubber Cutting Board

For those who prefer natural rubber cutting boards, this NoTrax Non-Skid Cutting Board is made from 100% high-density all-natural rubber. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/2-inch to 1-inch thick (1.27 to 2.54 cm).

This material provides a naturally non-skid surface. These professional-grade cutting boards can also be resurfaced by sanding, thus extending the life of the board.

This board won’t harbor bacteria or absorb moisture or odors. It’s also resistant to warping and cracking.

Even though this cutting board is easy to clean, it is not dishwasher-safe. It’s suitable for hand washing only. This cutting board does not require any special finishing oil. Simply wash and dry.

By using natural materials that have some give, it helps to preserve knife edges longer. Since the board is reversible, you can designate one side for meat and one side for produce and bread.

NoTrax 12" x 18" x 0.5" Sani-Tuff T45 Natural Rubber Cutting Board, Non-Skid Professional-Grade, Made in USA, T45S2012BF

Customers were mostly pleased with their NoTrax cutting boards. They were pleased that their knives did not dull against the surface, and they liked the sturdiness.

However, several did say that this board stains easily. This doesn’t affect the performance but can be unsightly. There were also complaints of warping and odors.

If you’re okay with some staining and want something heavy-duty that won’t dull your knife, this NoTrax rubber cutting board is a great pick. It’s pricey but should last for a long time.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Made of Sani-tuff natural rubber
  • The surface is sandable for a new finish
  • Sturdy, heavy
  • Preserves knife edges well


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Complaints of stains, warping
  • Pricey

Ziruma End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board: Best Splurge End-Grain Cutting Board

The only option featuring teak wood, this Ziruma Cutting Board is an end grain board. End grain boards show the growth rings and appear checkered.

These chopping boards have a superior ability to recondition and heal after cuts without dulling the knife edge.

With a thickness of 2 inches (5 cm), these wood cutting boards could accurately be described as butcher blocks. Featuring South American teak wood, these antibacterial cutting boards help you prepare food safely.

Each wood cutting board is cured with pure beeswax, linseed oil, and lemon oil. It’s also BPA-free and petroleum-based mineral oil. To help you preserve the solid wood, the board includes Ziruma Marvelous Wax.

Extra Large End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board [1.5" Thick]. Made of Teak Wood and Conditioned with Beeswax, Flaxseed Oil & Lemon Oil. 20" x 15" Chopping Board by Ziruma.

The large surface includes deep juice grooves to keep liquids contained and handles to make for easy carrying.

Some people were surprised at the size and weight of this board. If you have weight restrictions, you might go with something smaller or lighter.

When it comes to cleaning, you must hand wash this board. You can’t put it in the dishwasher. However, many customers claimed it was easy to clean.

There is maintenance required for this Ziruma cutting board. To keep this piece in the best condition, you must apply wax once a month to treat the wood fibers.

If you don’t want to use the supplied wax, you could also use mineral oil, raw linseed oil, or other natural oils.

When it comes to wood cutting boards, this one is top-of-the-line. However, the exorbitant cost and required maintenance might be a turn-off for some. If that doesn’t bother you, however, this solid wood board is a great pick.


  • Made with antibacterial wood
  • Treated with all-natural ingredients
  • Juice grooves to contain liquids
  • Heavy, durable
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires maintenance
  • Expensive

Sonder Los Angeles Walnut Wood Cutting Board: Best Splurge Edge-Grain Board

If you’re looking for high-end cutting boards, this Sonder Los Angeles Alfred Cutting Board is right up your alley. It features 100% black walnut wood with edge-grain construction.

Edge-grain boards are extremely durable and can withstand heavy chopping. These boards also have “self-healing” properties, meaning the knife goes between wood fibers instead of cutting them. These fibers close up after the knife exits, preserving the edge of your blades.

The deep juice groove prevents liquids from running off your board. You don’t have to worry about sticky countertops.

One of my personal favorite features of this chopping board is the versatile sorting compartments. No need to off-load diced onions, garlic, etc. onto extra dishes.

Slide the veggies into the compartments to clear the workspace and continue chopping. You can also use the compartments for serving nuts, fruit, olives, or cheese as part of a charcuterie board.

The butcher-block style chopping board comes with removable rubber feet on both sides for extra stability while chopping and slicing. Since they’re removable, you can decide which side you’d like to use.

It’s easy to flip, lift, or transfer the cutting board using integrated finger grips. That’s good, too, because this block is on the heavier side.

Sonder Los Angeles, Made in USA, Large Thick End Grain Walnut Wood Cutting Board with Non-Slip Feet, Juice Groove, Sorting Compartments for Kitchen 17x13x1.5 in (Gift Box Included)

Buyers raved about their Sonder Los Angeles Alfred cutting boards. They were impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship of the piece, as well as the excellent customer service.

They liked the large size and the compartments for serving, as well. Even though this board isn’t dishwasher-safe, customers said it’s still easy to clean.

There were isolated reports of cracked boards. And these cutting boards do require some maintenance. You should apply food-grade mineral oil or walnut oil at least every three weeks to maintain the boards.


  • Includes removable rubber feet
  • Beautiful edge-grain board
  • Deep juice groove to contain liquids
  • Versatile sorting compartments
  • Durable, sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip removable rubber feet
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Excellent customer service


  • Very expensive
  • Requires maintenance
  • Isolated reports of cracked boards

Non-Toxic Cutting Board Buying Guide

Your guide when buying non toxic cutting board

What Is the Healthiest Type of Cutting Board?

There’s long been a debate over whether wooden or plastic cutting boards are the healthiest. There is no definitively clear-cut answer, but each has its own pros and cons. If I had to choose, I would go with a wooden cutting board.

Plastic cutting boards are not as porous as wooden cutting boards, which sounds like a good thing, right? Well, yes and no.

A wooden cutting board might absorb more bacteria, but studies found that the bacteria was harder to retrieve from a wooden board. Basically, bacteria can’t multiply and eventually dies.

Plastic, however, enables the bacteria to persist longer. So even though plastic is non-porous, it doesn’t neutralize bacteria as effectively as wood.

That being said, you can disinfect plastic cutting boards in the dishwasher, whereas you can’t with wood cutting boards.

The good news is, with proper care and cleaning, you can use either plastic or wooden cutting boards without compromising your health.

Are Plastic Cutting Boards Safe?

Yes, with proper cleaning. Plastic cutting boards require cleaning with hot, soapy water after each use. I recommend putting your plastic cutting board in the dishwasher after each use. The high heat will help disinfect and kill bacteria.

When you start to see knife grooves in your cutting board, it’s time to replace it. Cleaning those markings effectively is much more difficult to do, and studies have found that a scratched plastic cutting board is much more likely to spread bacteria than a used wooden one.

So if you’re willing to clean it properly and replace it when necessary, you can safely use a plastic cutting board.

Are Bamboo Cutting Boards Toxic?

Bamboo cutting boards are harder and less porous than hardwoods. Bamboo won’t absorb moisture and resists scarring from knives, so they are more resistant to bacteria than other woods.

However, some substandard wood cutting boards have been known to have formaldehyde-based adhesives present in them.

They use a melamine formaldehyde resin to bind together the bamboo. The problem is that hot food and acidic foods on a scratched board can leach melamine.

To get a non-toxic food-safe bamboo cutting board, look for bamboo cutting boards that are labeled as “formaldehyde-free.”

What Is the Best Cutting Board to Prevent Bacteria?

Solid wood cutting boards, especially those made of hardwood, are better at preventing bacteria from contaminating your food. Essentially, these wooden boards trap bacteria, which then die before they can spread and come into contact with food.

The wood type does matter. Softer wood is more susceptible to splitting and developing grooves that could harbor bacteria. A hard wood species like maple, walnut, birch, or cherry are better options for safe cutting boards.

With all types of wood cutting boards, it’s important to occasionally treat the wood. You can use food-grade mineral oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, linseed oil (with caution), refined coconut oil, or walnut oil.

You should never use olive oil, sunflower oil, or vegetable oil to treat wooden cutting boards. These oils can become rancid, which you definitely don’t want touching your food!

Also remember, if your wooden cutting board has split or developed multiple gouges or crevices, it’s time to replace it.

What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Cutting Board?

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of cutting boards, you’re not alone. Several brands label their boards as eco-friendly. But which cutting board materials are the best?

You have a few options for eco-friendly cutting boards.

First, there’s recycled plastic. These plastic boards have all the benefits of traditional plastic cutting boards, but also all of the drawbacks.

You can also go with reclaimed or salvaged wood. Many of these hardwoods have been reclaimed from the bottoms of lakes or rivers. There’s also sustainable wood, most notably bamboo.

Lastly, you can find non-toxic cutting boards made of recycled paper. In fact, the Epicurean Cutting Board in this list is made from Richlite, which is a paper composite wood made of recycled paper.

Tips for Safely Using a Cutting Board

When it comes to food safety, you don’t want to take any chances. The USDA has a list of recommendations for safely using cutting boards, regardless of the material. These recommendations include:

  • Avoid cross-contamination. You might consider using one cutting board for fresh produce and bread and a separate one for cutting raw meat, poultry, and seafood. This will help prevent harmful bacteria from contaminating foods that won’t undergo further cooking.
  • Properly clean cutting boards. Wash your cutting boards with hot, soapy water after each use. Plastic and glass cutting boards can go in the dishwasher. To sanitize wooden and plastic cutting boards, flood the surface with 1 tablespoon of unscented, liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water. Let it stand for several minutes, then rinse clean and air dry or pat dry with paper towels.
  • Replace worn cutting boards. All cutting boards wear out over time. Once a cutting board wears or develops hard-to-clean grooves, it should be discarded.

The Best Non-Toxic Cutting Board: Final Verdict

Bottom line, what’s the best non-toxic cutting board? I would recommend the Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board.

If you’re willing to splurge on something extra durable, you might spring for the Ziruma Cutting Board. It’s an edge-grain teak cutting board that brings loads of value in spite of its steep price tag.