Best Griddle for Glass Top Stoves

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“In a hurry and just want to know which cookware to get?

While all these griddles are induction-friendly and work well on any type of glass cooktop, my favorite is the Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle.

Read on to find out why.”
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One key feature of all modern kitchens is a sleek glass top stove. It’s easy to clean because of its smooth surface, and this also enables it to double as counter space.

But you need to choose the right cookware for a glass top stove to prevent it from being scratched or cracked.

Considering this, I will help you pick the best griddle for glass top stoves.

These are my top picks for glass top stove griddles:

  1. Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle—The Best Griddle Overall
  2. S.KITCHN Crepe Pan—The Best Pancake Griddle
  3. Chef’s Secret Stainless Steel Square Griddle—The Best Luxury Griddle
  4. Caannasweis Grey Griddle Pan—The Best PTFE-Free Non Stick Griddle
  5. Farberware Buena Cocina Nonstick Griddle Pan—The Best Budget-Friendly Griddle

What Is a Griddle?

The American definition of a griddle is that it has flat smooth bottoms with low sides.

The flat bottom results in heat being evenly distributed across the griddle. Turning food over is also easy because of the low sides, but the downfall is that this also makes it difficult for the griddle to retain liquid.

Cast iron pan for baking pancakes.

A griddle is great for making pancakes, eggs, bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other breakfast items. It can also cook burgers and small pieces of meat that are not too marinated.

Food that contains sauces or a lot of liquid such as spaghetti or steak is better prepared in a pot or on a cast iron skillet.

Different Types of Glass Stoves

Before picking the best griddle for glass top stove, you need to know what kind of glass cooktop you have or plan on getting. Not all griddles work on all types of glass stoves!


Induction cooktops use induction heating. This means that electromagnetic waves stimulate electrical currents in metals, which causes them to heat up.

Because of this process, cookware needs to be induction-compatible, which means that they’re magnetic and stick to the induction stove’s surface. When in doubt, check your cookware with a magnet.

Generally, this type of glass top stove has amazing heat-conductivity. Ninety percent of the heat gets transferred to the cookware, which makes this a highly energy-efficient alternative.

High performance comes at a high price, and the induction stove is the most expensive glass stove option.


An electric glass stove uses electricity to heat a metal coil under the glass. The surface of the stove and, in turn, the cookware heats up when in contact with the hot metal coil.

This electric cooktop is not as energy-efficient as the induction stove. Nor does it heat your pots and pans as quickly since you first have to wait for the burner to become hot. You then have to wait for the heat to transfer to the stove, and lastly, the cookware.

A definite pro of an electric glass stove is that it’s cheaper than the induction stove.


The halogen glass top cooktops are not as common as the other two. This glass stove uses halogen bulbs to heat cookware. The energy that emits from the bulbs is mainly infrared light.

These stoves are shown to heat up quickly, but not as fast as induction stoves. Rather, they maintain low but steady heat.

How To Choose the Best Griddle for Glass Cooktop

Now you know the different types of cooktops made from glass, here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to picking the best griddle for glass top stove.

Best Griddle for Glass Top Stove

Material: What Should You Use on a Glass Top Stove?

One important aspect to consider when buying the best griddle for glass top stove is what type of material it’s made of.

Stainless Steel

Electric stoves and stainless steel griddles work beautifully together. Because of its high corrosion resistance, it’s very durable.

When it comes to compatibility with glass top stoves, the smooth stainless steel surface is unlikely to scratch your glass stove.

Stainless steel doesn’t have the highest heat-conductivity, which is why it pairs well with copper or aluminum in a griddle for a glass top stove. Thicker steel plates retain heat better, however.

Ensure that your stainless steel griddle is magnetic if you intend to cook on an induction stove. In general, austenitic grades are nonmagnetic, while ferritic grades are. However, even non-magnetic stainless steel cookware can have a magnetic disc to make it induction compatible.

The easiest way is just to check if it is stated as induction compatible or not. I will check here for you.


Aluminum has a high heat transfer and warms up quickly. Aluminum cookware also suitable for a glass top stove.

Do note that griddles made with aluminum bases can leave residues that burn onto the stovetop if not careful. Aluminum can also be toxic to humans when ingested at high levels.

You won’t normally find Aluminum on its own, normally when in cookware it is coated with another material, or serves as one layer of a pan.

Aluminum, in itself, is not induction compatible, but the other layers of the pan are important.

Material: What Should You Not Use on a Glass Top Stove?

Cast Iron

a stir fry and an egg cooking on a black griddle

Even though cast iron retains heat splendidly because of its high heat transfer, cast iron has rough patches and burrs that can damage the surface of glass cooktops.

A cast iron griddle can also be very heavy. A pan that weighs a lot can crack the glass top stove rather easily.

In general, a cast iron griddle should be avoided when cooking on glass top stoves.

It’s a little unfortunate as cast iron is naturally induction compatible.

Pro Tip: For induction glass stoves only! (Don’t do this on electric / halogen stoves): Insert a sheet of heat-proof baking paper between the cast iron cookware and the stove. This will let you slide the pan on the stove without damaging the surface. Obviously don’t leave this setup unattended!

If you do like the idea of a cast iron griddle for your glass top stove, despite the difficulties, check out my guide.

Ceramic Glass

Ceramic glass griddles are easy to clean and efficiently channel energy directly into the food instead of the plate of the griddle.

Note that they’re not magnetic and cannot be used on induction cooktops.

Griddles made of glass and ceramic have poor heat conduction, and they also scratch the stove easily. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend ceramic glass griddles for glass cooktops.


The larger the plate of the griddle, the more food you can cook at the same time. But remember that the griddle should be roughly the same size as the cooking zone to avoid energy waste. This is especially true when using a griddle for glass top stoves on an induction cooktop.

Remember that heavy griddles, such as those made from cast iron, can break the glass top stove.

To Stick or Not To Stick?

Who doesn’t like the easy clean-up that comes with a non stick surface? This is a time (and energy) saving function, and cooking on a non stick coated surface requires less oil or butter.

But non stick surfaces made from Teflon include the chemical compound polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Even when heated to normal cooking temperatures, PTFE can release mild to severely toxic gases.

While there’s still not enough evidence to conclude PTFE’s effect on humans, it’s best to go for a non stick griddle that doesn’t contain PTFE.

Top 5 Best Griddles for Glass Top Stoves

Now, onto the fun stuff. These are my top five best griddles for glass top stoves on the market right now.

Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle—Best Griddle Overall

The Cuisinart griddle is made of stainless steel and functions perfectly with an induction stovetop.

Its core is made of aluminum, which makes this glass top griddle heat up faster. What’s great about an aluminum core is it prevents you from digesting metal or leaving residue on your stove since it’s surrounded by stainless steel. You get the benefits of aluminum without compromising on health.

The griddle has a non stick surface, and while the manufacturer doesn’t state this, it probably contains PTFE. According to some customers, the non stick coating gets scratched easily. 

This double burner griddle has a big cooking surface: 10×18 inches (25×46 cm) and is dishwasher-friendly.

However, there have been reports that the heat distribution is imperfect. Since this is a double burner griddle, it sits over two burners on the stove. Customers report that the griddle is hotter on the parts where the burners are and not as hot in the middle.

I can work with this as sometimes I just want to keep some food warm, or heat up other food faster.

Different temperature cooking zones can actually be a good thing, but they’re not for everyone.


  • Made from lightweight and durable stainless steel
  • Compatible with induction stoves
  • Aluminum core for safely added heat transfer
  • Large griddle plate
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Easily scratched non stick coating
  • Uneven distribution of heat

S.KITCHN Crepe Pan—Best Pancake Griddle

Would you like to make round-shaped omelets, crepes, pizzas, or pancakes? Then this is the right griddle for you. The S.KITCHN Crepe Pan has a rather large, round cooking surface of about 11×11 inches (28×28 cm.)

It’s made from die-cast aluminum, which has great thermal conductivity. However, this material can leave a cast on the stove, and aluminum can be toxic when ingested often.

A great feature of this griddle is the ergonomic bakelite handle, which is very comfortable to hold. You can also hang the griddle on the wall due to the hanging hole design, making storage easier.

This Crepe Pan is induction-friendly but not suited for ovens. It has a non stick coating that claims to be PFOA-free, but this doesn’t say much since it can still include PTFE (the active ingredient of Teflon.)

Some customers say that the S.KITCHN griddle doesn’t distribute heat evenly; the center gets hotter than the edges. Others mention that the handle is fragile and breaks easily.


  • Round plate; great for crepes, pancakes, and pizzas.
  • Easy-to-grip ergonomic bakelite handle.
  • Hanging hole for easier storage.
  • Induction-compative.


  • Aluminum might leave residue on the stove.
  • Non stick coating, but likely contains PTFE.
  • Bad heat distribution.
  • Handle breaks easily.

If you are looking for a dedicate pizza stone, then check out my guide to the best pizza stone for grills. On the other hand if you want something just for pancakes, try my pancake griddle guide.

Chef’s Secret Stainless Steel Square Griddle—Best Luxury Griddle

If you want to splurge a little, the Chef’s Secret griddle is a splendid alternative. It’s beautiful cookware made with a stylish mirror finish, but it’s rather expensive.

This griddle has a durable 5-ply stainless steel construction and a long stainless steel handle. It’s compatible with an induction stove.

The griddle is designed with high ridges to prevent spilling. According to some reviews, the sides turn upward rather sharply, which may make flipping food difficult.

Also, customers mention that the plate is not completely flat, which causes oil to spread to the sides and away from the center when frying.

This griddle doesn’t have a non stick surface and is PTFE-free. While customers appreciate this eliminates health concerns, it makes cleaning the griddle more hassle.


  • Beautiful, sleek mirror finish
  • Induction stove compatible
  • PTFE-free
  • Designed with high ridges that prevent spilling


  • Griddle plate is not flat
  • Expensive

Caannasweis Grey Griddle Pan—The Best PTFE-Free Non Stick Griddle

If you’re searching for a griddle with non stick coating without PTFE, look no further than the Caannasweis griddle, which has a stone coating that imitates the texture and look of marble.

With an ergonomic wood handle, the griddle is pretty to look at and comfortable to maneuver.

The Caannasweis pan is made from aluminum alloy with a magnetic base, making it induction compatible. The plate itself is quite light, and also smaller than expected according to some customers.

Buyers are saying the griddle is very easy to clean, and you’re also able to cook without using much—if any—oil! 

There are also reviews stating that the handle is wobbly and you need to screw it tighter continuously.


  • Beautiful look with stone and wooden features
  • PTFE-free non stick coating
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Induction-stove-friendly
  • Allows for oil-free cooking


  • Not as big as expected
  • Unstable handle

Farberware Buena Cocina Nonstick Griddle Pan—Best Budget-Friendly Griddle

Want a glass top stove griddle that doesn’t break your budget? The Buena Cocina Griddle Pan is inexpensive and made from aluminum.

This griddle is dishwasher- and oven-friendly and is lightweight, weighing only 1.3 pounds (0.6 kg.) This prevents the glass stove from cracking under its weight.

A non stick coating (definitely containing PTFE) enables you to clean your pan easily and prevents food from sticking to the plate. Keep this in mind if you have any health concerns related to Teflon cookware.

The handle is made from metal, which makes it quite hot, according to customers. There have also been complaints that the non stick coating scratches and peels easily.


  • Cheap
  • Safe to use in dishwashers and ovens
  • Induction Compatible


  • Aluminum body can leave marks on your stove
  • Non stick surface contains PTFE
  • Metal handle gets really hot
  • Non stick coating peels and scratches easily

Summing Up

While all these griddles are induction-friendly and work well on any type of glass cooktop, my favorite is the Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle.

With an aluminum core, it uses the high heat transfer capabilities of aluminum but without the metal touching your food or your stove directly. This is also a large griddle, meaning you can cook several dishes simultaneously or many portions, which is a time-saving bonus.

Also, the non stick surface makes sure food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the griddle, and it’s easy to clean.

These features make me choose the Cuisinart as the best griddle for glass top stoves.

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