Best Double Burner Griddle

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In a hurry and just want to know which cookware to get? I would recommend the Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Non-Stick Griddle. You can find it on Amazon or RiverBend Home. Read on to find out why it's my favorite.

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If you have a feast to cook but only a small griddle—or worse, a single frying pan—you may be in trouble.

That’s when many consider a dual burner griddle.

Here are the best double burner griddles I’ve unearthed:

I go into these in detail in my double burner griddle reviews further down.

For now, let’s look at the benefits of a griddle and what you should look for when shopping for one.

Why Use a Griddle?

I love griddles, and they’re awesome! But, they do have a particular use and aren’t always the best option for some. If you’re not sure, check out how you can use the griddle to make yummy pancakes for the whole family:

Still thinking about it? Let me talk you through the pros and cons, as well as the types of griddles.

Advantages of a Griddle

A griddle has many advantages over a grill pan and a frying pan. The main one is convenience.

Let’s take a common example: eggs.

While you can use a grill pan for cooking eggs, the ridge edges make it tricky.

You can cook them in a frying pan and many do, but how many at once? You’ll struggle to cook enough eggs in a regular frying pan for a family of four.

With a double burner griddle, you can cook family breakfasts, without the mess of the ridges or multiple pans. Such a time saver!

I especially love how it’s easy to make large folded omelets on a large griddle. You can keep the ingredients and eggs separate, to begin with, and then fold them in.

It’s delicious this way. Without a large griddle, you end up messing around with plates or using two frying pans. Check out how to do it easily with a double burner griddle in this video:

Griddles are also great for pancakes! Just make sure you have a squeeze bottle to get the perfect pancake shape.

Lastly, with the low sides on griddles, I think this makes it easier to get a turner under food. I must admit, sometimes I have trouble cleaning flipped food in a frying pan.

Many griddles work on a gas grill, so you can still use your outdoor grill for some of the same foods.

Disadvantages of a Griddle

Griddles have one main disadvantage when used in place of a grill: grease buildup.

With a grill, when you cook meat the fat and grease collect in the valleys between the ridges. With a griddle, the food ends up soaking in any fat.

However, some griddles may have channels around the edges that the liquid can pool in. Many don’t, so when it comes to keeping your food fat-and-grease-free, griddles aren’t the best choice.

egg baking

Does My Griddle Need Handles?

You might notice that my picks today all have handles—but not all griddles do.

Double burner griddles are large, often up to 20 inches (50.8cm) in size, making them difficult to handle. Plus, many of them retain heat. One option is to leave the griddle on the stove and serve food on to plates there. This works for some, but in a small kitchen can be tricky.

Anyway, some prefer to carry the griddle to the table so the family can serve themselves. Others find that handles just make it easier to move the hefty object.

Despite their utility, handles aren’t always perfect. Sometimes they become scorching hot, so you need gloves to even touch them.

My—possibly nitpicky—main issue with them is their angle or placement:

Straight-Up Handles

Some handles point directly upwards, putting your arms in an unnatural position to grip them.

I find I need to stick my elbows out with my palms face down to grip them more easily, but this isn’t ideal.

Flat Handles

Flat handles stick out of the griddle’s sides, causing you to be close to the still-hot burners and the griddle.

If you’re very careful, you shouldn’t have any problems. But, if you’re a little clumsy, it’s easier to spill your food…

Raised or Angled Handles

These handles protrude sideways but sit above the griddle, or they’re raised and at an angle.

With these, you can balance the griddle on your forearms or grip the handles from below with ease.

It’s the same case with the angled handles, though—except with the angled handles, your elbows won’t be sticking out as much. 

In my opinion, these are the best handles on griddles.

What About Reversible Griddles?

Some griddles come with a grill on the back. If you want the ease of storing one object over two, these are ideal. It’s also a money saver—two cooking surfaces for the price of one.

Despite these pronounced pros, there are downsides.

Disadvantages of Reversible Griddles

Grills have ridges. In my experience, you can’t be sure these ridges will sit perfectly on your burners, especially if your burners are too high for the griddle’s edges to sit on the stovetop. There are grill pans you can use with a gas stove, but griddles might present problems.

Given that old-fashioned gas hobs are often raised, I doubt it’s best to get a reversible double burner griddle for gas stove tops. One solution is to get an electric skillet or griddle, but electric griddles may not be for everyone.

Other than that, what if a situation arises where you want to use both the griddle and grill in quick succession? You’ll have to clean and dry it in between, so you don’t burn the grease or food residue. WARNING: This can be dangerous – food on the underside of a pan is a fire risk.

Best double burner griddles

Best Double Burner Griddle Materials

You’ll narrow your choices by deciding on handles and whether to go reversible or not.

So now it’s time to consider the materials of a double burner griddle pan.

Here’s a breakdown of the three main griddle materials:

Cast Iron

Cast iron is by far the strongest material in cookware—figuratively and literally.

It’s hard to break, withstands intense temperatures, and is naturally non-stick when seasoned.

However, it’s incredibly heavy, so isn’t the best for consistent use and storage.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is decently lightweight and durable. I dropped my old one a few times, and it was fine. 

Despite the durability, it tends to warp after a while. Mine warped slightly with every use but snapped back in shape once it cooled.

Eventually, it stopped going back to its original shape, but it lasted longer than an aluminum one I had. Plus, food won’t stain this material like regular aluminum—this is because anodizing something creates a corrosion-resistant and non-reactive layer.


Aluminum is budget-friendly, lightweight and heats well. Unfortunately, despite spreading heat, it warps too easily at high heats.

On top of this, aluminum can stain because of excessive heat or grease. I’ve always found the stains a nightmare to remove, and you risk scratching your griddle with harsh scrubbing.

Of course this depends on the coating – a quality nonstick coating can make the world of difference.

Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Non-Stick Griddle (Best Double Burner Griddle)

Anodized aluminum is slightly heavier and pricer than aluminum, but many customers agree it’s worth it for this higher-quality griddle.

This restaurant-tested 18-inch (46 cm) griddle has all the heating properties of quality aluminum, without the warping and insecurity.

Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle Pan/Flat Grill, 10-Inch, Gray

Its cooking surface is non-stick and scratch-resistant. But, it may not last long, as customers have had mixed results with its longevity. 

And, despite being dishwasher-safe, it’s better to hand-wash to preserve the coating.

Hand-washing is also easier because the handles are awkward to fit in a dishwasher.

Speaking of handles… I adore the ones on this griddle. They protrude at an angle, are easy to grip, and have a silicone coating and won’t heat up. Also, there’s a spout to pour the liquid away, which avoids splashback from hot liquid when grasping the handles.


  • Scratch-resistant, in theory
  • Handles are easy to grasp
  • Relatively light, yet sturdy
  • Pouring spout
  • Comes with a mini-turner


  • Customers found it eventually warps
  • Mixed reports on nonstick coating

Want to shop around? There is a version of this griddle available on RiverBend Home, but instead of a mini-turner it comes with a grill rack.

Anolon 83870

If you really want to shop around, you can also find it on Bed Bath and Beyond.

All-Clad Hard-Anodized Nonstick Griddle (Best Quality Double Burner Griddle)

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a double burner griddle for a gas or electric stove. Sadly, it’s not induction compatible.

It can sit across a larger stovetop due to its 20-inch (51 cm) length, but it’s also oven safe to 260°C (500°F).

Since it’s constructed of anodized aluminum, it’s unlikely to rust or burn. Also, it’s lightweight due to the aluminum, so should be easy to lift, despite its bulk.

All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle 13x20 Inch Oven Broiler Safe 500F Pots and Pans, Cookware Black

In addition, the handles make it even easier to lift, although I’m not a fan of their placement. Plus, they heat up easily due to their stainless steel construction.

Still, upwards handles are better than no handles when it comes to transport! They do make it harder to fit this in the dishwasher, though.

But I need to stress—and anyone who owns this pan will agree—hand-washing is best, anyway! You need to preserve that nonstick coating. The best non stick griddle can survive a run in the dishwasher but lasts longer far away from it.

Read more about All-Clad’s Ha1 line in my complete review.


  • Strong handles
  • Non-stick and scratch-resistant cooking surface
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can withstand high temperatures in the oven
  • Works on all stovetops, except induction


  • Handle angle isn’t the best
  • The handles get hot
  • May be difficult to fit in the dishwasher

This pan is great for pancakes, and I’ve included it in my pancake griddle guide.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned 20-Inch Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle (Best Large Reversible Griddle)

If you’re torn between a griddle and a grill, why not both? This 20-inch (51 cm) cast iron pick is both griddle and grill.

Note that this one is heavy. Some customers dislike it purely for that reason. Others don’t mind it but find the heat distribution isn’t great.

Lodge LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, 20-inch x 10.44-inch, Black

On the plus side, this Lodge cast iron griddle is naturally non-stick after you season it. Though it’s pre-seasoned… it’s not pre-seasoned well.

Once you’re done cooking, you can seize the handles and get the tray off the heat source. Although, I’m not a huge fan of their placement since they’ll be close to the heat.


  • Pre-seasoned
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Retains heat well
  • Easy to wash


  • Need extra seasoning
  • Incredibly heavy
  • Handles aren’t well-located

Victoria GDL-196 Rectangular Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle (Best Cast Iron Griddle)

This rectangular two burner griddle is the perfect size for my stove at 18.5 X 10 inches ( 47cm X 25 cm).  It fits over two burners nicely, leaving room for other pans, and is big enough to whip up breakfast for the family.

Victoria 18.5-by-10-Inch Rectangular Cast Iron Griddle, Preseasoned Reversible Griddle

This griddles comes in a range of sizes, so pick the one that suits you.  I recommend measuring your stove and burners first.

This is a quality product with quite a smooth surface for cast iron.

It comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil which, I believe, is the best product to use when seasoning cast iron.


  • Smooth finish
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron using high quality flaxseed oil
  • Decent handles
  • High quality product
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Reversible – can also use for grilling


  • Pricy
  • Difficult to hold the handles while cooking
  • I can’t see this working on an induction stove due to the shape

Check Price on Amazon

More information: I review this pan in my guide to the best cast iron griddle, where I recommend it.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned 16.5-Inch Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle (Runner Up – Best Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle)

If you liked the other Lodge cast iron griddle, but 20 inches (51 cm) is too much, this smaller double burner is 16.5 inches (41.9cm).

This griddle/grill combo has a lot in common with the other. It’s cast iron and pre-seasoned—though not well. Users found that food still sticks, yet some had no issues!

Lodge LDP3 Cast Iron Rectangular Reversible Grill/Griddle, 9.5-inch x 16.75-inch, Black

Also, despite being cast iron, customers found heat distribution to be sub-par with this griddle and grill combo. Is this a Lodge problem, since the previous had the issue too?

Despite the above similarities, the two products do have differences. One is that the grill marks are diagonal with this, unlike the vertical ridges of the previous. There’s nothing wrong with this, until you consider the almost non-existent griddle edges.

The diagonal pattern may make placing the grill size on raised electric burners difficult. This is a worry some people had before buying, but it was a minor concern compared to the handles.

Although the handles are in a safer location on the corners, they’re small. Customers mention that this makes them kind of useless, and they still heat up.


  • Fits smaller stovetops
  • Very thin—easy to store
  • Grill/griddle combo
  • Handles placed in a safer location
  • Comes pre-seasoned


  • Seasoning is questionable—mixed customer feedback
  • Handles perform badly
  • Doesn’t distribute heat evenly

T-fal A92114 / C4061484 Double Burner Griddle (Best Budget Double Burner Griddle)

Stepping away from cast iron, this aluminum grill may be a better fit. It’s much lighter than cast iron, and I finally see some handles I like.

The handles stick out either side but sit above the griddle, so your hands are safe from the burners or oven shelves.

And, being aluminum, this is a griddle you can transport easily. And it certainly won’t be too heavy for your dishwasher.

T-fal Specialty Nonstick Double Burner Griddle 18 Inch Oven Safe 350F Cookware, Pots and Pans, Dishwasher Safe Black

That said, aluminum isn’t as durable as other metals, so it may warp. The ceramic exterior helps to an extent, but be wary of high heats—there’s still warp-ready aluminum within.

Customers are full of tips to prevent warping, like using it on low or medium heats and never for too long. Yet, with these tips, warping was still an issue.

As for the interior cooking surface, it’s thankfully non-stick and stain-resistant, providing ease of use, simple cleaning and product longevity. That’s great, as aluminum is not stain-resistant on its own.

Also, despite the aluminum construction, users report mixed results for the heat distribution on the stove. Despite this, it heats more evenly in the oven, and it’s oven safe to 176°C (350°F), but be aware of potential warping.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect handle placement
  • Handles stay cool
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe to 176°C (350°F)


  • Questionable heating ability
  • Warps too easily

If you want to shop around to get the best price, there is another, also very affordable, double burner griddle by T-Fal on Bed Beth and Beyond.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Double Burner Griddle

This Cuisinart double burner griddle is a 20-inch (51 cm) anodized aluminum griddle, making it light and durable.

What makes it stand out from the other two-burner griddles though is the sloped sides, maximizing your cooking space—a feature some customers dub “perfect.”

Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle, Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard Anodized, Stainless Steel, 655-35 13-Inch x 20-Inch

The sides, paired with an edge drip trough, also help you pour liquids off the non-stick surface, which is enhanced by the tapered rim. However, people have had eggs and pancakes accumulate around the edges because of this feature.

The heat surround technology ensures even heating throughout the pan.

Besides that, it’s just another high-performing griddle people found easy to use and lightweight. Being lightweight and having handles makes this easy to transport, though some found the handles too large, and they found the handles get hot.

Overall, the Cuisinart double burner griddle doesn’t have too many stand-out features, and the handle-size, along with warping, are customers’ main issues.


  • Easy liquid-pouring
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Maximized cooking space


  • Large handles
  • Handles heat up
  • Warps easily


What do you use a large double burner griddle for?

Pancakes are are a great choice for griddles. But other breakfast foods work well.

A double burner griddle really just gives you a large frying surface, meaning you can cook eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and anything else you fry without too much liquid will work.

It’s main purpose is to cook a large amount of the food–so family meals are a great choice.

Can you use cast iron griddle on gas stove?

You absolutely can use a cast iron griddle on a gas stove, just allow time for it to heat up evenly before cooking. If using a cast iron double burner griddle, make sure to use at least two stove burners, or more if you can.

Cast iron two-burner griddles are super versatile and work on any stove, they even do well at outdoor cooking (Visit my list of the best outdoor burners).

Can I use a double burner griddle on a glass top stove?

Yes you can use a double burner griddle on a glass top stove. However if you have an induction stove you must make sure that your double burner griddle is induction-compatible.

In the case of a cast iron double burner griddle, this will work on any glass top stove, however some care may be need to avoid damaging the stove.

Can you use a double burner griddle on an electric stove?

Yes you can use a double burner griddle on an electric stove. I recommend aluminum or cast iron, not steel, to avoid hotspots.

If using a cast iron double burner griddle on a glass top electric stove, some care is needed to avoid damaging the stove. Electric griddles offer an alternative, if you’re worried about scratches.

Can you use a double burner griddle as a hot plate?

Yes, you can use a double burner griddle as a hot plate, if you are careful.

Two-burner griddles are not designed to be used as hot plates, and the main difficulty is keeping the hot griddle at the right temperature. Also don’t forget to turn off your stove when finished.

A cast iron double burner griddle could work particularly well, as even after you turn off the stove, it will continue to warm your food.

My Choice

Best Overall Double Burner Griddle

I would choose the Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Non-Stick Griddle as the best double burner griddle. It’s a comfortable, not too pricey and normally available.

The handles are super-comfy and it’s light, making it easy to move around.

Customers have had mixed experiences with the cooking surface and it can warp eventually, so I would suggest treating it with care to help it last longer.

For more non-stick griddles, including single burner ones, check out my non-stick griddle guide.

Best Quality Double Burner Griddle

If you want something more likely to last longer, you probably need to pay extra. My pick for the best quality double burner griddle is the All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle. Even though I expressed my dislike for the handles, it’s an excellent product.

Based on customer feedback, the non-stick surface is high-quality, and there aren’t many complaints about it, which is quite rare in non-stick cookware. 

Overall, it’s a nice, long-lasting and easy to use griddle I’d happily have in my home.

I’d be tempted to recommend it as best overall, but unfortunately it’s not always available. If you see it available at a price you are happy with – snap it up!

If you have a glass cooktop then consider checking out my guide to the best griddle for glass top stove.