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I’ve combed through the air fryers with dehydrator on the market and rounded up the best air fryers. In terms of value and performance, I found the Ninja Air Fryer to be the best.

I love cooking healthy meals and snacks for my family. I also love cooking dinner in less time and with fewer dishes. I have other things to do, after all. 

You know…. important things… like binge-watching my favorite shows.

So an air fryer with a dehydrator makes perfect sense. Crisping food with little to no oil makes me a happy cook. And dehydrating fruits and veggies means I don’t waste produce.

Wins all around.

Beatriz looking at camera next to a Ninja Air Fryer

I found the Ninja Air Fryer to be the best performer. This air fryer also strikes that balance between being easy to use and still having some bells and whistles.

But there are a lot of variables that factor into purchasing an air fryer with dehydrator. What size should you get? Which accessories should you look for? What cooking choices do you want to be included in the pre-sets? Do you want to rotisserie or not?

Luckily, I’ve broken it all down and reviewed the best air fryers. So you can have all the info you need to make the best choice.

Want to know which air fryer and dehydrator is the best for you? Keep reading to find out.

The Best Air Fryer Dehydrator: Reviews

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer: Best Overall Air Fryer with Dehydrator

The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer has a capacity of 4 quarts (3.8 liters). This black and gray air fryer can handle 2 pounds of french fries or around a dozen chicken wings at a time.

Its ceramic-coated crisper plate and air frying basket are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a cinch. Many people liked how easy it is to store and lift this air fryer.

That’s definitely a plus if you don’t want to keep your air fryer on the countertop.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates, for Quick, Easy Meals, 4 Quart Capacity, & High Gloss Finish, Grey

The Ninja Air Fryer has four cooking options: air fry, air roast, reheat and dehydrate. The air roasting is great for Brussel sprouts, potatoes, broccoli, and roast chicken.

I like the simplicity of just four cooking options. Having 160 cooking functions sounds great until you have to spend hours trying to figure them all out.

Four cooking modes is simple and makes this air fryer easy to use. Which means I’ll actually use it.

Customers loved how the Ninja air fryer crisped pork chops and salmon. They also raved about how easy it is to use.

This air fryer has a temperature range of 105-400°F (41-204°C), meaning it can easily dehydrate food. The multi-layer rack is good for dehydrating or air frying multiple foods simultaneously.

The recipe book includes 20 recipes, but there are also recipes on the Ninja website and on Youtube.

There were some complaints of a plastic smell during use. The air fryer instructions recommend rinsing the fryer with hot water before using it. Pre-rinsing your air fryer should help limit (or eliminate) any odors during the first use, as well.


  • Performs well
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes recipe book
  • Includes multilayer rack


  • Some reports of plastic smell during first use
  • Doesn’t include rotisserie skewer or basket

GoWISE USA 7-Quart Air Fryer: Best Budget Option

This GoWISE USA air fryer has a larger capacity, coming in at 7 quarts (6.6 liters). That’s enough to cook a whole chicken or 4-5 burgers.

This air fryer comes with 8 cooking functions, so it’s definitely a multi-cooker. It has the ability to air fry, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, grill, reheat, and keep warm.

One of my favorite features of this air fryer is the keep-warm function. After finishing the cook time, the unit will switch to a low temp to keep your food warm and fresh. This is a great feature for busy families.

The nonstick crisper tray and air frying basket make this air fryer easy to clean.

GoWISE USA GW22956 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer with Dehydrator & 3 Stackable Racks, Led Digital Touchscreen with 8 Functions + Recipes, 7.0-Qt, Black/Silver

One caveat, however. The quality of the non-stick coating is not as durable as the Ninja. Several customers report flaking and peeling. 

Once that happens? You have to replace the part.

Also, some customers didn’t like how the drip pan comes out when emptying the air fryer basket. You’re better off removing food with tongs or a fork instead of dumping it out onto a plate.


  • Digital LED display
  • Comes with 3 dehydrator racks
  • Warming function
  • Less expensive than other models


  • Several reports of non-stick flaking
  • Drip pan falls out when emptying basket

Chefman Air Fryer: Best Rotisserie Option

When it comes to air fryers, this particular one is substantial. The Chefman Airfryer XL clocks in at a capacity of 10.5 quarts (10 liters). This air fryer can fit an entire 8×8 inch pan of food.

The Chefman Airfryer XL with dehydrator comes with 3 air flow racks, a rotisserie mesh basket and rotisserie spit, retrieval tool, and oil drip tray.  All of the accessories are stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

Dishwasher safe. Those two words are magic to my ears.

CHEFMAN Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer+ Rotisserie, Dehydrator, Convection Oven, 17 Touch Screen Presets Fry, Roast, Dehydrate, Bake, XL 10L Family Size, Auto Shutoff, Large Easy-View Window, Black

With 14 touchscreen presets, you have plenty of cooking options. The digital touchscreen on this air fryer is easy to use, with picture menu buttons.

For me, these presets can be an advantage and disadvantage. They’re easy to use, but you have less control over timing and temperature.

One feature I really like about this Chefman air fryer is the auto-shutoff. This ensures the air fryer oven doesn’t overheat.

One complaint that a few customers had was that their appliance suddenly quit working.

If this air fryer shuts off during the cooking time, you’ll have to contact the company about a replacement. And be prepared for a wait. The customer service didn’t get great reviews.


  • Includes rotisserie basket and spit
  • Capacity to feed a large family
  • Auto shutoff
  • Dishwasher safe accessories


  • Not easy to store
  • Some reports of sudden malfunctioning
  • Reports of slow customer service

Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer: Best Small Capacity Air Fryer with Dehydrator

You likely know Instant Pot, the iconic pressure cooker. But did you know that Instant Pot also makes an air fryer, as well?

The Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer has a capacity of 4 quarts (3.8 liters) and a temperature range of 95-400°F (35-240°C).

It comes with 6 cooking programs: air fry, roast, broil, bake, dehydrate, and reheat. 

If you want more capacity, Instant Pot does offer 6-quart (5.6 liter) and 10-quart (9.4 liter) fryers with a larger cooking chamber.

Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-in-1,4QT Air Fryer Oven,From the Makers of Instant Pot with Customizable Smart Cooking Programs,Nonstick and Dishwasher-Safe Basket,App With Over 100 Recipes,Stainless Steel

The nonstick cooking basket is easy to clean, and the size accommodates enough food for a small family without taking up a lot of space.

One nice feature? It has a knob for adjusting the temperature while cooking food. This is not an option on a lot of fryers.

The Instant Vortex Plus also has an auto-shutoff for safety, which I like.

A couple of drawbacks include the very loud beeping sound it makes while cooking. Also, be ready to do some research. The instructions are bare bones, and there are no recipe books included.


  • Adjustable temperature dial
  • Auto shutoff and reheat function
  • Sleek stainless steel exterior


  • Comes with minimal instructions
  • No recipe book included
  • Very loud beeping sound

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer: Best Splurge Pick

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has a range of kitchen products on the market. This Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer is the most expensive option on the list, but there’s a reason it comes with a hefty price tag.

For one, it comes with 12 preset cooking functions: air fry, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate, toast, reheat, roast, broil, bagel, slow cook, and warm/reheat.

The Power Air Fryer with Dehydrator also includes a host of accessories: a crisper tray, rotisserie rod, baking pan, drip tray, and pizza rack. Of course, it also comes with a book of Emeril Lagasse recipes.

Emeril Lagasse Everyday 360 Air Fryer, Power AirFryer 360

This air fryer dehydrator has a sleek, attractive appearance. It has the shape of a toaster oven with all the capabilities of an air fryer with a dehydrator.

The 360° Air Technology uses 5 heating elements to surround food with heat and minimize the oil required to air fry food.

And with a slow cook time of 10 hours, you can use the dehydrator for all types of food.

There is a learning curve on working with the rotisserie spit, however, and the drip tray is a little shallow.


  • Sleek stainless design
  • 12 cooking functions
  • Lots of accessories


  • Pricier model
  • Rotisserie spit is tricky to use

Cosori 12-in-1 SMART Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo: Best Large Capacity

This large Cosori Fryer comes in at a whopping 26 quarts ( 25 liters), making this the largest capacity unit on our list. Air frying a 6-pound bird or a 12-inch pizza is no problem with this Cosori.

You can easily prepare enough food for a large family or a small crowd with this air fryer with dehydrator.

It has 12 cooking functions: air fry, bake, broil, toast, roast, dehydrate, pizza, slow cook, defrost, ferment, and keep warm/reheat.

This air fryer has the widest temperature range, going from 90-450°F (32-232°C).

COSORI Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo, 12-in-1, 26QT Convection Oven Countertop, Christmas Gifts,with Toast, Bake, and Broil, Smart, 6 Slice Toast, 12'' Pizza, 75 Recipes&Accessories, Black

The Cosori comes with a mesh basket for air frying, a wire oven rack, and food pan. While it doesn’t come with a skewer, rotisserie is still possible. Simply use the basket to rotisserie chicken or other food.

One feature that separates this one from the list is its technology. The Cosori 12-in-1 syncs with Alexa and Google assistant, meaning you can operate it with the sound of your voice.

The size of this fryer means you can air fry large amounts of food. The drawback to that? It takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.

Also, there were some reports of oil buildup on the interior. Some customers complained about how difficult to clean this piece was.


  • Wide temperature range
  • Syncs with Alexa or Google assistant
  • Large capacity


  • Doesn’t include multiple wire racks
  • Large size not easy to store
  • More expensive
  • Some reports of oil buildup

Looking for another COSORI option? Visit my in-depth review of the COSORI Premium Smart Air Fryer, which includes a dehydrator function.

GoWISE 17-Quart Mojave Air Fryer: Best Dehydrator Function

This 17-quart air fryer  (16 liters) dwarfs the other GoWISE USA model. You can easily cook a whole chicken in this thing.  Of course, like others on the list, the circulating heat means you can cook food with less oil.

It comes with a load of accessories, including 5 dehydrator air flow racks, a mesh basket, a rotisserie cage and rotisserie skewers, a rotisserie rod with forks, tongs, and a drip tray.

Try saying that 10 times fast.

One problem a lot of users had was opening the door. The door rests on the handle, meaning you can’t fully pull down the door unless you scoot the air fryer up to the edge of the counter.

Even with the door open, it’s difficult to access the bottom tray in the air fryer oven. This is an inconvenience when trying to remove food.

And of course, with the size, it’s going to take up significant counter space.

Still, with the number of dehydrator air flow racks included, you can easily dehydrate large batches of food. The temperature goes from 90-400°F (32-204°C).

The reason I like this air fryer with dehydrator is because of the dehydrator time. It has a cook time of up to 24 hours, meaning you can dehydrate food to perfection.


  • Large capacity; can handle a lot of food
  • Includes rotisserie basket and 5 dehydrator racks


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Door cannot be completely lowered
  • More expensive

Air Fryers with Dehydrator: What You Should Know Before Buying

Is an air fryer the same as a dehydrator?

While there is some overlap, air fryers and dehydrators are actually distinct kitchen appliances. 

A dehydrator removes moisture from food. Dehydrating is great for extending the shelf life of foods like fruits and vegetables. 

Lower water content makes it harder for bacteria and mold to grow. Dehydration also intensifies food flavor.

An air fryer, on the other hand, blows hot air to cook food, much like a convection oven. Manufacturers use moving air technology to brown and crisp. 

The advantage of an air fryer is that it gives food that crunchy, crispy finish while using less cooking oil.

Air Fried Breaded Food

How are air fryers different from dehydrators?

Air fryers use convection heat. That means they have a heating element and a high-powered fan to circulate the heat throughout the cooking chamber. That moving air browns food and creates a crispy surface.

The temperature range for an air fryer is typically anywhere from 100-400°F (38-204°C). Since the fan moves the heat around, an air fryer cooks food in minutes.

A dehydrator also has a heating element and a fan. Their purposes are different, though. 

The temperature range for a dehydrator is much lower, around 95-160°F (35-76°C). This “low and slow” method of heating is to prevent zapping the nutrients from foods as they dry out.

The purpose of the fan in a dehydrator is not to speed up the process. It’s there to prevent foods from reabsorbing the moisture inside the dehydrator. You want to dry out your fruits and veggies, not steam them!

Do air fryers make good dehydrators?

Because both appliances use circulating heat, many air fryers come with a dehydration function. Air fryers should work fine as dehydrators, as long as the temperature range goes below 200°F (93°C).

One thing to consider, though, is the number of accessories. A dehydrator usually includes a multi layer rack to allow for more volume.

Air fryers? Not so much. They typically have one or two racks, but that’s it. So if you want an air fryer dehydrator combo, be prepared for limited space.

Which air fryers also dehydrate?

Any air fryer that has a temperature setting for under 200°F (93°C) could technically dehydrate foods.


An air fryer with a dehydrator is a better option. An air fryer with dehydrator will have a separate dehydrating function on the button menu. It will also have racks that can be used for dehydrating food.

Many times, the dehydrator option has specific temperature settings. This ensures you don’t dry out your food at too high a temperature.

See the list above for our top air fryers with a dehydrator.

What size air fryer should I buy?

When it comes to purchasing kitchen appliances, size matters. You have to consider how many people you are cooking for and the capacity of the air fryer.

A good rule of thumb is you want roughly 1.5 quarts (1.4 liters) for each person. So if you’re cooking for one, look for a small fryer, 1-2 quarts (.9-1.9 liters). This size fryer can handle a few snacks or a chicken breast with a serving of fries.

If you’re cooking for a family of four, 4-6 quarts (3.8-5.7 liters) should be just about right. You’ll be able to cook a small bird or a pound of chicken wings. At this size, you can cook more dishes in fewer batches.

For the entertainer, 6-10 quarts (5.7-9.5 liters) is the most suitable. This size air fryer can take on a whole bird. Or, if you prefer, you can use it for casseroles, pounds of finger foods or party appetizers.

What air fryer accessories should I look for?

Most air fryers come with extra items. The accessories you want depend on the type of cooking you’ll be doing. Do you want rotisserie chicken? Look for rotisserie skewers or a rotisserie cage.

Do you plan to dehydrate multiple types of produce? You might want to look for multiple dehydrator racks to dehydrate more volume.

Are you new to air frying and want some recipes to help get you started? Many air fryers with dehydrator come with recipe books. Recipes ensure you get the right temperature and cooking times.

Want to cook without having to constantly turn over food? You might want a stirring paddle included with your air fryer.

There are a myriad of accessories that can come with a fryer. Choose those that make the most sense for you.

What food cooks well in an air fryer with a dehydrator?

You can make all types of food in your air fryer. From frozen foods and chicken to Brussel sprouts and french fries, the best air fryers can handle it.

Many people like cooking meat in their fryer because of the nice, crispy finish. Pork chops, salmon, chicken, and kebabs are all popular choices.

You also have to consider what cooking functions your fryer has. Does it come with rotisserie and dehydrator? A rotisserie can handle smaller birds, and you can throw in practically any fruit or veggie in the dehydrator.

However, there are some foods you should avoid making in your air fryer.

Food that has a wet batter, like donuts, should not go in this appliance. This does not work like a deep fryer, so you have to adjust.

Light, leafy greens like kale also don’t do well. The high powered fan means they won’t stay on the racks. Instead, they’ll fly all around the cooking chamber. Sturdier veggies, like sweet potatoes, are better.

Finally, raw rice and other grains cannot go in the fryer. They don’t cook evenly, and you’ll end up with a mess.

Can you use an air fryer to make jerky?

Absolutely! You can make tender, flavorful beef jerky at home with an air fryer. To make jerky with an air fryer, you want to choose a lean cut of beef. Top or bottom round roast are great lean cuts. Flank steak also works well.

First, you need to slice the meat into thin strips, about 1/4″ (.6 cm) thick. Always slice against the grain.

Marinate the strips with your choice of marinade for 8 hours or overnight. Before cooking, make sure to pat dry the beef strips.

Line the pieces of beef on a tray in a single layer. You don’t want any overlap. Cook at 180°F (82° C) for 2 hours or until done. Voila!

The Best Air Fryer with Dehydrator: The Last Word

There are several options out there, but when it comes to overall value and quality, the Ninja Air Fryer with Dehydrator is one of the best air fryers available.